10 Best Glass Front Door Privacy Ideas


    Having a glass front door will have people peeking into your home, even if they didn’t mean to. This can get uncomfortable.

    The following list contains 10 glass front door privacy ideas.  All these ideas can be used to add privacy to a glass front door. Whichever you decide to use depends on your taste, style, and durability.

    1. Vinyl Static-Cling Window Film

    You can find vinyl static-cling window film online, or at home improvement stores. It usually comes in rolls of different sizes, which can be trimmed to the desired length. This film costs $10-$30. It sticks and peels easily, and is relatively easy to reposition.

    Vinyl static-cling window film does not leave any residue behind. It gives you the privacy you need, while still allowing light to filter through. This window film is available in various patterns (mosaic, raindrops, frosted, cut glass etc.)

    2. Blinds

    People have been using blinds as glass front doors privacy ideas for a long time now. Before you decide to use blinds, there are a few things you need to consider. To install the blinds, you need to make holes in the door. If you have a metal door, think of how hard it will be to drill the holes, or how hard it is to fill them in if you need to. You will also need to have some level of expertise if you want to drill into metal.

    Also, consider the depth of the blinds from the front part of the headrails to the door’s surface. Can you lock the blinds in place, so they don’t move when someone opens the door? Is there room for the blinds behind or beside the door handle? Also, find out if you can get a cordless option.

    3. Roman Shade on Magnets

    A magnetic head rail easily attaches itself to a metal door, and it does not damage it. You can have your drapery maker get one for you. They require magnets, which can sometimes be hard to find in your local hardware store. Roman shades come in unique colours, patterns and fabrics. When determining specifics, start by choosing the material to help you narrow down your options.

    Next, select your favourite colour and design. The possibilities for solid colours are countless, but you can give the door more flair by using one with a pattern. You can go for floral patterns, stripes or something more abstract. You will always find something that fits your style.

    4. Wallpaper for Windows

    A cling-film product that can cling to the window or wallpapers can be cut to fit the front door’s exact size. You can find some stunningly beautiful designs, some actually look like they are etched while others look like stained glass.

    Window wallpapers do not give you 100% privacy during the night. This is because, at night, light spreads from inside the house. In the morning, the outdoor light streams in.

    5. Paint the Glass Door

    This might sound crazy, but it works. Before wallpaper for windows came about, this is what people used to do. You could decide to replicate stained glass, or just sponge layers of craft paint on it till you get the desired opacity. The good thing with paint on a glass door is it comes off easily. So, if you don’t like the end result, you can easily remove it without damaging anything.

    This is one of the easiest and cheapest options when it comes glass front door privacy ideas. You can use paint made specifically for glass if you want durability, but regular craft paint will get the job done as well.

    6. Frosted Glass Spray Paint

    The process of spraying frosted glass spray paint is similar to that of regular spray paint. Apply in thin layers until you achieve the desired level of privacy.

    7. Plastic Acrylic Sheets

    You can get your local plastic seller to make you these sheets. Ask them to cut pieces of cast acrylic, backed with adhesive, and 1/8-inch thick. Plastic acrylic sheets are quite simple to stick onto windows and can be easily removed if needed. In some cases, you might have to buy them online. Typically, they cost $10.00/square foot.

    8. Curtains

    You can find magnetic curtain rods in the market today. You can use them on rod-pocket type curtains that have a black-out lining to get total privacy. The good thing with curtains is that even a home-sewer can make a decent looking one.

    This option is considered an excellent fit for traditional or country style homes, but it can also work for contemporary or modern style homes.

    9. Honeycomb Shades

    Honeycomb shades filter natural light to beam a warm, soft glow that works great for glass front doors. The shades can help you save on energy costs. You have the option of choosing from double or single cells to light filtering, black-out or room darkening. Whatever your needs are, you can have them satisfied with honeycomb shades.

    10. Shutters

    If you are dealing with a classic or a cottage country style home, consider using shutters. This simple addition will give your home a finished and polished look.