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10 Biggest Personal Injury Settlements Ever


This might be quite interesting for you to know that just 4% to 5% of personal injury cases go to trial in the USA. Approximately 95% of all the cases are settled pretrial there.

Here goes the list of 10 of the biggest personal injury settlements ever in the history:

#1. 150 Billion USD To The Family of Robert Middleton

Biggest personal injury settlements

A symbolic personal injury settlement of $150 billion was awarded to the family of Robert Middleton who was sexually assaulted and set on fire by Don Wilburn Collins in 1998.

Robert Middleton was just 8 when this brutal attack shook his world. 99% of his body was severely burnt but he still lived for 13 years before skin cancer took his life.

#2. $4.9 Billion to Anderson family from General Motors

Biggest personal injury settlements

In 1993, six people of Anderson family (including 4 children) got severely burnt when their Chevy Malibu got hit by a drunk driver which caused an explosion in the fuel tank.

A jury ordered general Motors to pay $4.9 billion to the victims. $107.6 million of which was segmented in compensatory damages and $4.8 billion in punitive damages.

However, when GM contested this settlement, Superior Court Judge Ernest George Williams reduced the amount to $1.2 Billion weeks later.

#3. Tracy Morgan Reportedly Received $90 Million From Walmart  

Biggest personal injury settlements

On Charlamagne Tha God’s show, Comedian Damon Wayans was recorded saying that Tracy Morgan got $90 Millions from Walmart as a personal injury settlement.

However, Tracy’s representatives denied this by saying that the settlement amount was confidential and there is no way Damon would know about this.

Tracy Morgan suffered sever injuries in a crash caused by a Walmart truck driver.

Tracy morgan's crash walmart
Via DailyMail

Image on the left shows the kind of destruction caused by the Walmart truck to Tracy’s vehicle.

Comedian James McNair died in the crash as Morgan suffered a brain injury.



#4. $60 Million As Personal Injury Settlement To A Gas Station Manager After Suffering From Brain Injuries Caused By A Derailed Train

Biggest personal injury settlements
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On 2nd May, 1997, Donald French wouldn’t have thought in his wildest dreams that a train could actually destroy his office of a gas station in Gainesville Virginia.

He suffered several injuries which included a traumatic brain injury.

He was awarded $60 Million ($46 million + $14 million as interest) as one of the biggest personal injury settlements in October, 2000.

#5. $32.5 Million Was Awarded To Mark Force For Brain Injuries Caused By An Accident in 1996

Biggest personal injury settlements
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Mark Force suffered from severe brain injuries caused by an accident when an incoming car hit his car heads on. The seat-belt in his car didn’t lock up and as a result, Force was thrown outside after the impact.

The jury, after a long running case, gave the verdict in Mark’s favor with a settlement of $32.5 Million and said that Ford Motor Co. and Mazda Motor Corp were to blame for the injuries caused to Mark as the seat belt didn’t work when it was required the most.

#6. $27.5 Million Awarded To Gloria Aguilar After She Was Hit By A Bus

Biggest personal injury settlements

Gloria Aguilar was awarded $27.5 million by a Manhattan jury after she was hit by a city transit bus and simultaneously lost her left leg. The accident took place in 2005 and the verdict came in 2009.

#7. Biggest Personal Injury Claim in the UK: £24 Million (Around $25.5 Million)

Biggest personal injury settlements

At the age of 10, Maisha Najeeb was a victim of medical negligence from the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

She was supposed to be injected with dye but due to the negligence by the part of the doctors there, glue was injected in her brain.

As a result, she went blind from 1 eye and is still suffering from many difficulties.

The court’s verdict included a lump sum of £2.8 million and yearly money of £383,000 until Maisha’s age is 19. From the age of 19, she will get £423,000 every year till she lives. If she lives till the age of 65, the overall settlement will be valued at £24 million.

#8. High Court Awarded £23 million (Approx. 24 Million USD) As Personal Injury Settlement To Agnes Collier

Biggest personal injury settlements 6

At the teenage age of just 13, Agnes Collier suffered from severe injuries with all 4 limbs being paralyzed forever.

Biggest personal injury settlements 7

This happened when Agnes’s mother Karen Hood (Pic- Right) was driving her Audi with Agnes and Rufus (her brother) as BMW hits the car and drifted the Audi to the path of a lorry.

Sadly, Karen died due to the collision.


Court verdict in favor of Agnes involves £7.25 million lump sum along with yearly payments of £270,000. This comes down to more than £23 million if the life span is 65 years.

#9. New York’s Biggest Personal Injury Settlement: $22 Million

Biggest personal injury settlements

Shirley Miller got hit by a pharmacy’s truck when she was crossing a road in 2008. This accident caused her massive brain injuries along with other serious physical damages.

The pharmacy agreed to pay Shirley $22 Million for her loss which still is the biggest personal injury settlement in New York’s history.

#10. Los Angeles City Council’s Largest Personal Injury Settlement: $19 Million

Biggest personal injury settlements
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An amount of $19 million was awarded to the family of Carol Adkins (44 years old) after she was severely damaged as a city maintenance truck driver went haywire and smashed a number of cars in 1998. This stands to be the largest personal injury settlement in LA till date.

These were the 10 largest personal injury settlements ever. Please share the article and comment what you’d want to see in our next article.