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10 Different Types of Baseball Hats


Baseball caps are widespread since the 1900s and are used by baseball players to block the sun or rain from their eyes during the game. Of course today, baseball caps are a fashion statement. These caps can be customized and embroidered with a company logo to support teams and promote company brands. They are also popular because they have adjustable straps at the back for the perfect fit. This feature makes them comfortable for all sport events or regular wear.

Did you know that there are different types of baseball hats to use? Each one has a specific style that can suit your personally. It may seem trivial, but the right cap style and size can go a long way. The generalization is that all caps are the same. That’s not true. You will be surprised to know that there are different styles and types of caps, including caps for specific kinds of sports. Baseball caps are usually rounded, soft and have a curved peak designed to protect the eyes. Most of the caps have elastic adjusters or velcro straps for a correct head fit.

Baseball hats can be used with any attire. There are different shapes of baseball caps that are fashionable and provide adequate sun protection. Here are the different types of baseball hats available:

1. Shaka Hats

If you are looking for the perfect adjustable baseball hat, look no further. The Shaka brand is comfortable with a curved visor and adjustable strap for an optimal fit. These types of baseball hats can be custom embroidered for a personalized look. It is perfect for promoting a brand or simply keeping the sun out of the eyes. It is made of heavy brushed cotton with a suede peak suitable for everyday wear.

2. Snapback Hats

Look fresh and original with the Snapback caps as they come in a wide variety of colours. Simple yet sharp, the snapback hat is made with a flat peak and adjustable strap at the back. Many international companies use this type of snapback hat to create brand awareness. The cap has embroidered eyelets making it look clean and eye-catching.

3. 5-Panel Hats

Lightweight and a favorite baseball cap, the 5-panel caps have no seam down the front. This feature makes it perfect for screen-printing and embroidery design. The cap has a pre-curved visor and is easily adjustable with its strap at the back. You get to pick your favorite colour as it is available in an array of colours. This cap is commonly used for leagues and teams. Both adults and young kids can find the perfect colour to suit their needs.

4. 6-Panel Hats

While this cap shares some similarities with the 5-panel cap, the 6-panel cap has two panels in front and is more rounded in its appearance. This cap has gained in popularity and is the chosen cap for highly acclaimed brands. It can be easily embroidered

5. Trucker Hats

The trucker is a stylish cap that can combine two colours and has a velcro strap to adjust the size. Some caps offer a mesh back for airflow as well as a pre-curved visor, making it comfortable for everyday wear. This cap is lightweight and nicely finished to achieve a sporty look.

6. Americano Hats

Made with 100% heavy acrylic, this cap features a 6-panel structure with a pre-curved peak. It has a velcro strap for size adjustment and a 4 row stitched sweatband to contain the sweat. You get to choose a cap in your favorite colour as they come in a range of vibrant colours.

7. Supa Fit Hats

Unique with a closed back, the Supa Fit cap is a stretch fit cap made with heavy brushed cotton lycra material. It is best for all head sizes as it offers the perfect fit. These types of baseball hats are widely popular because they offer the best quality wear and custom design. It is available in many different colours that will complement any company brand.

8. Single Sandwich Peak Hats

Featuring a 6-panel structure, the Single Sandwich Peak features a 4 row stitched sweatband, embroidered eyelets and a self-fabric velcro strap for the perfect look. This brand offers vibrant colours to choose from with contrasting embroidery.

9. Jelani Hats

Perfect with khaki pants, the Jelani cap is unique and widely popular as it is used for many brands. There are two colours, khaki and black that will go with any corporate colours making it easy to incorporate a company’s logo with ease. This cap has six panels, a pre-curved peak and a self-fabric velcro strap.

10. Shield Hats

Different from many different types of baseball hats, the Shield has a high visibility reflective piping. You can be sure to be visible in the dark. This cap is designed to help keep you safe, especially when working outdoors or jogging across the park. Apart from the reflective material, the cap has a self-fabric velcro strap for a comfortable fit.