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13 Desk Organization Ideas for the Busy Professional


For a busy professional with a demanding schedule like you, organizing an office can be a challenge. You can, however, be certain that all paper clips, markers, documents, papers and other office items are in order by following desk organization tips that depict you as a true CEO.

These thirteen desk organization ideas will help you organize your desk despite your busy schedule.

1. A DIY Wall Calendar

Keeping your regular agenda up to date can be stressful and demanding, especially if you don’t have an assistant. Regardless of your tight schedule, a do it yourself (DIY) wall calendar of events will keep you posted on your daily agenda. With this nifty desk organization tool, you won’t miss any business appointment or fail to attend your social responsibilities anymore.

2. A Book-Based Mail Organizer

Appropriate storage of all your correspondence and mail is part of organizing your office or desk. Never throw away your old mail since you may need it again. Sort out all letters in a hassle-free and efficient manner, then file them in a mail organizer to avoid pillage on your desk. This makes it easy to reference any of your old mail.

3. Magazine Holders

Magazines are great desk organization tools to keep your customers or co-workers busy as they wait in line. To organize your magazines in a professional and tidy manner, decorated magazine holders are helpful. You can cluster your magazines based on topics covered or by monthly issues.

4. Make a Magazine Rack

For your personal reading stuff, a magazine rack is ideal. Have it modern, chic and lovely designed to complement your office décor. Your desk and office organization are easier to manage with a rack.

5. To Store Your Paper, Use Mason Jars

This is a stylish organization and storage idea. To execute it, you need a few transparent glass mason jars with pick-up lids. Then label them according to the stored information. Lastly, stylishly decorate them to lighten your office. This makes paperwork pretty in an otherwise binary digital era.

6. Make a Power-Charging Station from Your Shoe Box

Nothing can be more annoying in your office like chargers lying all over. There is a different charger for each electronic gadget nowadays: one for your smartphones, one for your laptop, one for your iPad, and one for your tablet. To keep your office table free from unnecessary congestion, turn your shoebox into a power-charging station.

7. Keep Cabinet Door Pockets to Organize Your Receipts and Bills

Organizing your bills and receipts can be strenuous and expensive. Consider making use of your cabinet door pockets for a specific category of bills and receipts. This reinvention makes it easy to monitor when to pay what bills, and those that have already been paid.

8. Hide Your Office Printer Creatively

The office printer can take a lot of your space, especially the heavy-duty commercial laser printers. You can keep your printer beneath a wall cabinet to save your office space. The idea is to use the space above and around the printer creatively.

9. Organize Your Receipts

Your receipts are valuables you should not throw away. You may need them one day for tax administration and official accountability. Keep your receipts in bank files that label specific tasks such as water bills, electricity bills, marketing costs, transport, etc.

10. Plan Your Table

Designating a specific place on your table for key items you use regularly makes doing your work easy. For a professional, an organized table will require a pencil holder, a rubber tray, a phone holder, a plug-in socket for your desktop computer or laptop, a notepad, etc. Make your day productive by having the stuff that you use regularly accessible to you while seated on your chair.

11. Have a Garbage Bin

Even in the digital era, your garbage bin is still relevant in the management of your office. Your solid waste such as paper and other office materials can first be disposed of in your garbage bin before garbage collectors pick them. This keeps your office tidy and clutter-free.

12. Organize Your Filing System

While the online filing is convenient, faster, cheap and common, you may have files that cannot be archived online. As a professional, you need to make it possible to access such files manually in an efficient manner. Develop a system that helps you locate the exact file needed at any given moment.

13. Keep Your Office Attractive

Your desk speaks volumes about you. Give it a fine finish, enough lighting and an organized outlook. Keep out anything that can be injurious to you and your clients. Let your office be a reflection of the CEO that you are by keeping it tidy and executive.

While office organization can be demanding, your responsibility to keep the office clean, diplomatic and professional cannot be ignored. These ideas are formal enough for a business office and informal enough to give your office a personal touch.