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15 Cool Camping Accessories for Overnight Trips


Camping is a pastime enjoyed by many. People are drawn to the idea of a sustained stay in the outdoors over a short bout. Most are familiar with tents and sleeping bags, but there are many other camping accessories that can greatly improve the camping experience. These fifteen camping accessories are perfect for an overnight stay:

1. A Hammock for Two

Hammocks are cool camping accessories for relaxation in the outdoors. Most are quick to install and don’t require any tools or damage the trees used. Hammocks are available in larger sizes made for two people. These an allow for a great bonding experience, enjoying the relaxing outdoors together.

2. Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Even though air mattresses are cool camping accessories, many people likely find them to be a major hassle. Whether blown up manually or with a pump, they can be more trouble than their worth. Consider one of the many self-inflating models available. Incorporated pumps make setup as simple as pushing a single button.

3. Microfilter

Water is the most important thing to keep in mind while camping. It’s extremely heavy, and even a day’s supply of it can be unmanageable when trekking far into the wilderness. Instead, use a microfilter to ensure that water from natural sources is reliably safe to drink.

4. Composite Lantern

Portable electric lighting in the form of lanterns is a mainstay of camping. A turn with the lantern is something might fight a bit over. This can be solved using a large lantern that is composed of several smaller lights in a base. The lights can be removed at will for individual use.

5. Waterproof Matches

Starting a fire can be one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of the camping experience. Some of this can be alleviated if the right matches are used. Flimsy carboard matches should be avoided. High-end waterproof wood matches are well worth the slightly higher investment.

6. Reusable Coffee Filter

Coffee is a morning drink enjoyed the world over. It usually requires a lot of equipment to get it right, especially for taking along camping. This can be partially alleviated by reusable cloth filters. This cool camping accessory can save space over taking an entire pack of conventional paper filters.

7. Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are small packs of two different chemicals that are separated within the package. When the divider between them is broken, they produce heat. This is much like a glowstick, but with heat instead of light. These can provide long lasting heat on cold and damp days camping.

8. A Folding Cot

Air mattresses are a staple of camping because they take up little space when uninflated. This space saving can be matched by a foldable cot. The cot offers great support, very similar to the support of a conventional mattress. It also averts the danger of an air mattress springing a leak.

9. An Egg Holder

The traditional cardboard egg carton is well suited for home life but leaves much to be desired for camping. In the outdoors, the flimsy cartoon offers little protection and many eggs might be broken. A rigid plastic egg holder can ensure that any eggs brought along will remain uncracked.

10. A Headlamp

The major downside to flashlights is that they take up a hand, while many camping tasks require the use of both hands. A headlamp keeps both hands free while keeping the light pointed in the right direction. A simple lamp held to the head with elastic straps is a great camping accessory.

11. Sprayless Bug Repellant

Flies and mosquitoes can be a major annoyance during any camping trip. For those who don’t care for bug spray, portable bug repellants can help. These devices warm a small packet that then gives off a constant stream of bug repellent, similar to the candles used for the same purpose.

12. A Magnesium Bar

A magnesium bar is a great fire starter. It consists of a bar of magnesium and a flint striker, much like a traditional flint and steel. The difference is that first bits of magnesium are scrape off to be used as fire starter. Magnesium is easy to light and burns hot and reliably for an easy start.

13. A Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are available in many different brands and styles. These tightly packed tools are extremely dense with functionality. This makes them perfect for camping, where there isn’t any room to spare. They offer many different functions that are geared toward many camping tasks.

14. A Panini Press

There are panini presses that are made specifically for use over campfires. The two halves of the press are connected by a hinge at one end and have long handles on the other. The sandwich is inserted, and the long handles hold the sides closed and allow it to be held out over the fire.

15. Wearable Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags and comfortable and warm, why limit their use to sleeping? There are bags that come with zippered holes for arms and feat, some even have a hood. The comfort of the sleeping back could be taken anywhere. These bags are functional and flashy, a sure hit on any trip.