17 Hilarious And Useless Tips That People Are Sharing Online! (You won’t believe number 6! or any of them!)


    It is a common sense that tips should be useful. We often hear tips and tricks from people who’ve been through some sort of experience, and they’re willing to share the knowledge with the world.

    However, what you’re about to see is far away from useful.

    These tips are useless, and hilarious as well. Don’t expect to learn anything new, but only to laugh out loud reading these hilarious and useless tips!

    1. This only works if the toilet seat is brand new!

    Source: BoredPanda

    2. Taking a selfie through a toilet roll tube…

    Source: CommunistCate

    3. Genius…

    Source: fantafano

    4. Untangle your headphones with “Johnson’s No More Tangles”

    Source: Eeli100

    5. Protect your personal space with this innovative vest!

    Source: Siew Ming Cheng

    6. Looks like this might work in America only

    Source: Miko99

    7. Isn’t that what the belt’s for?

    Source: 420B

    8. This only works if your phone is NOT water resistant!

    Source: the_pr0fessor

    9. Fat kids, unite!

    Source: Louniness

    10. It’s not stupid if it works…

    Source: shotsfiredyo

    11. Put your new TV box on your neighbor’s side so you wouldn’t get robbed!

    Source: BoredPanda

    12. This is actually a great idea!

    Source: Z3F

    13. “Fancy”


    14. Stylist’s business cards!

    Source: eXX0n

    15. Get fat if you’re tired of ironing your shirts!

    Source: nocheeseforyou

    16. This is how to stop tears if you’re cutting onion in the kitchen

    Source: SashaEitan

    17. Sounds like something Mr. Bean would do!

    Source: sinner_vip



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