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3 Ways to Integrate Email Management With Your Business


By working with an email management solutions provider, your company can improve its productivity and make sure that urgent communications are directed towards the right stakeholder within the firm.

Many companies are now discovering the advantages that dynamic email management can bring to their teams, and so it’s important for your firm to learn more on the potential benefits the latest email management solutions offer. To help guide you, let’s look at the full range of performance benefits that can be gained through using email management solutions within your business.

1. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction and exceeding each individual’s expectations when they contact the company is a common business objective. The leading email management solutions are designed so that customer inquiries are directed effectively within the organization. This means that instead of waiting several days for a reply as emails are bounced around internally within the company, your customers can now receive near immediate communications from the top stakeholder within the relevant area of the company.

Busy teams can also set up standard responses to common enquiries, so that the customer can then follow-up in a consolidated timeframe with the required information. This is ideal, for example, within insurance companies where teams often deal with the same documentation with each customer request and helps reduce the time to complete documentation work while improving the result for the customer.

2. Enhanced Internal Reporting

Management staff cannot keep track of how their teams are using their emails on a day-to-day basis. But this data is often essential in determining which members of a team are meeting their objectives set by the company. By harnessing the latest email management solutions, companies can now enforce their internal email policies more effectively and learn more on how teams are working with their email systems to conduct their work. For example, the leading email management solutions now help outline how long it takes for an internal team member to respond to an enquiry. This could show that the team member isn’t meeting their productivity targets, or it could mean that in-house systems must be altered to help team members focus more on working with their customers.

Internal reporting systems might also show what happens to an email once the customer has been assigned. It could show the workflow for team members and whether they are complying with regulations pertaining to communication guidelines as well as data storage and security laws. It’s a level of data reporting that gives managers the tools they need to better organize their teams while focusing on their own day-to-day tasks.

3. Integration with CRM and ERP Systems

Oftentimes management teams are busy operating multiple systems when completing their day-to-day tasks. They might have their CRM software and their ERP software open on their computer when analyzing and utilizing the latest data within their work. The top email management solutions are integrated with the newest CRM and ERP technology. This serves many benefits. For example, it means that data from these systems can easily be viewed and sent via email so that teams can discuss the data more effectively and make group decisions. It also means team leaders don’t have to spend time moving the data from the software to their email, significantly helping to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity on a daily basis.

Working with the market’s best email management solutions can help companies save thousands of man hours and improve their team’s productivity while enhancing customer service. Review the email management products available to your team and book a demo to get a handle on the software and its performance.