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5 Benefits of Professional Hard Drive Destruction


If you have been storing your old hard drives in your office, you may have your reasons. It is entirely possible that you do not trust exterior destruction services or that you think you may need to access the data again.

Keeping unsecured data like this can be potentially disastrous for a business, especially if you have personal data on employees, clients or confidential information on the business. Having a team of professionals permanently destroy old hard drives and other media storage devices is the first step to ensuring that the data you have stored, but no longer need, never ends up in the wrong hands.

Here are 5 reasons why you should think carefully about having your hard drives professionally destroyed.

1. Security

A hard drive or CD may not look like much, but it can hold a huge amount of confidential data. From bank details, employee and customer emails and phone numbers, the sheer amount of potentially harmful information can be very dangerous.

It is also worth noting that even though you have deleted the files from a storage device, the data my still be recoverable. Highly motivated criminals have become very tech savvy and can still access the information they need. The only way to be sure that the data that exists, or once existed on a hard drive is gone forever is to physically destroy the hard drive.

2. Save space

If you have a lot of old computers containing hard drives, or CDs, they take up significant storage space in your building. This space could be used much more effectively, and you won’t have to look at obsolete technology any more. So not only will you free up office space that can be used for a more important purpose, you will also make your data more secure.

3. Compliance

When a company experiences a data breach, the fallout can be quite severe. The fines can be painful, but not nearly as harmful as the damage to the company’s reputation. This is especially bad if you are a tech company or in a related industry. There are strict laws about the handling of sensitive personal data, and failing to meet the required standards can lead to criminal prosecution.

By having a your old hard drives destroyed by a team of professionals, you will be supplied with a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your material has been securely destroyed.  This is proof that you have done your due diligence when it comes to the handling and destruction of data.

4. Trust

Anytime an individual or business provides you with their sensitive information there is a certain level of trust that is placed in you. This trust holds that you will keep the personal data provided to you secure and private. Rather than leaving this data on hard drives that can be accessed by anyone, it is best to have the hard drives professionally destroyed when no longer needed. If there are any data leaks then you will lose the trust of your customers and clients. This is a position that is very hard to recover from.

5. It’s easy

Using hard drive destruction services is not difficult at all. The media destruction company will securely transport the hard drives to their location. Everything is taken care of by a team of very well trained professionals. This provides you with great peace of mind that your data has been disposed of responsibly for minimal effort on your part.