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5 Martial Arts Guidelines for Children


Enrolling your kids into a martial arts program is one of the best things you can do for them. There are so many positives and benefits about the whole thing. Your kids will gain fitness and strength, both physically and mentally. They will be trained in discipline from an early age. They will develop the right attitude for many things, especially later on in life.

Confidence will be instilled at such an important time of their life and they will also be able to look after themselves in the event of an emergency. However, there are things to look for as you prepare to get your kids involved in martial arts, so let’s take a closer look at some good tips and advice.

1. Safety Is A Priority

You want to enrol in classes where the school or institution takes safety very seriously and in fact, make it their number one priority. They should understand that your kids are the most important thing in the world to you. They have to be able to give you this trust. Many good martial arts schools do regard safety highly. There is a misconception that because it is a ‘fighting’ sport, kids are going to be injured.

Actually, many kids who get hurt do so from playing other sports such as soccer or football and not from the martial arts classes. The irony is that the kids are safest in a martial arts class!

2. Importance Of Introduction

Just like most things, it pays to shop around. A good school will have a proper introductory period to show you the ropes and take you through what happens when you join. This is an important part of the whole initial process. The instructors should specifically set aside this time for you.

Some schools may just throw in the student at the deep end. You don’t want this. Your kids may also feel nervous. You want to join a place where the time is taken to show you and your kids everything and perhaps even offer a couple of private free classes.

3. Fun With Fitness

Find out if they incorporate a bit of fun with fitness. The kids should be learning techniques and using and targeting muscle groups that they normally would not be using in regular school, all the time keeping the fun factor in it. Classes should excite kids while having fun too.

4. Remember That They’re Still Kids

A good school and teacher has to understand kids and get the best out of them. Some instructors are not good teachers in the same way that some teachers in a school are better than others. That’s why kids love a certain teacher and hate another. It happens.

You do not want an instructor who is going to yell at you and put you down. It can knock the stuffing out of a child to the point they may hate classes and eventually stop going.

5. Professional & Knowledgeable Instructors

When choosing a school, make sure that the school hires full-time instructors. You don’t want some guy who does this for 2 hours and then works in the mail room of some company. An experienced instructor will be able to teach your kids all aspects of self-defence and get the best out of your kids.

The facility should be conducive for proper training and comfort and must have a great atmosphere. There must be a structured curriculum. This shows it is a top institution. They must also find out what your goals are, both you and your kids. This shows that they are a serious outfit and your child will reap all the benefits from enrolling in a martial arts program.