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5 Pest Control Measures to Employ This Summer


It’s summer! After a painful, agonizing and dreary several months, the sun is finally shining, the temperatures are heating up, the birds are singing and…cockroaches and mice are everywhere.

The worst part about summer is that you have to come to grips with the problem of pests. Whether it is in your backyard or in your kitchen, you find a pest in every part of your home. Cockroaches, centipedes, mice, ants and potato bugs are your newfound occupants.

In today’s skyrocketing real estate market, it’s too bad that they don’t pay any rent!

Just because pests are alive and well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be complacent until the fall. There are multiple steps you can take right now to prevent or eradicate the pests that have infiltrated your semi-detached home, townhouse or even condominium suite.

Here are five pest control measures to employ this summer:

1. See Any Damages to Your Roof? Fix Them

A damaged roof can entice bees, hornets, termites and wasps to enter your home. Although when we think of a damaged rooftop we always think of how it can impact the interior setting, homeowners should also think of the potential impact it can have of allowing pests in.

Here are a few things you can do if you notice damages to your roof:

  • Immediately fill in cracks with roofing cement.
  • Clear debris or standing water in or near drain pipes.
  • Repair or replace damaged roof tiles.

By performing these tasks, you will have prevented pests from going through your roof.

2. Pay Attention to Your Windows

Let’s be honest: windows can let in any type of pest you want: rats, flies, mosquitoes, ants and the list goes on. This is why the window is the most important part of the home to pay attention to. That said, the two solutions to adopt consist of: installing a screen and keeping windows shut.

3. Clean Your Home Regularly

It’s summer, which means we don’t want to do anything except drink club soda and get sun.

Nope, you can’t do that. You have to at least get up to clean your home. Whether it is cleaning the kitchen or tidying up the bathroom, you must ensure your home is sanitized, organized and unsoiled at all times. This is because pests do not like clean homes whatsoever.

4. Maintain Your Garden Throughout the Summer

Your garden is your pride and joy. You show it off to the entire neighbourhood. Your garden is so lovely that pests have made the decision to relocate to your trees, bushes and plants.

Want to prevent this from ever occurring? Here are a few tips to employ:

  • Minimize any vegetation or shrubbery.
  • Eliminate standing water from buckers and get rid of tree stumps.
  • The compost container lid must be closed tightly.
  • Always check and inspect your garden to find anything odd.

Pests are always searching for new locations. Don’t let it be yours.

5. Your Outdoor Bins May Attract Pests

Yes, this isn’t exactly a shocker: pests may be attracted to your outdoor bins. Every pest imaginable will want to set up shop in these outdoor bins because they can feast.

This can be avoidable if you install tightly fitted lids, refrain from overfilling the bins and cleaning them out on a regular basis. A clean, unfilled outdoor garbage or recycling bin will stop flies, hornets, wasps, mice and raccoons from turning your bins into a restaurant.

As soon as you employ preventative measures, you can avoid the stress, difficulty and cost of eviscerating your pests. You never want it to get out of control because if it does then it will be quite hard to ever fully get rid of your centipedes, spiders and cockroaches.The summer is the worst season for pests. If you can get through the June-to-September period then you can survive any other season.