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5 Tips for Biohazard Labels in the Workplace


The prevalence of biohazard labels is usually found in healthcare settings, factories and construction. In today’s world, however, biohazard labels can be discovered in many places.

One of the reasons why so many different workplaces have biohazard labels scattered around is because they aim to warn workers, visitors and others about potential dangers, risky conditions and hazardous material that may be on site.

Whether it is radiation, waste, noxious gas or other infectious substances, it is imperative to inform everyone that such material is in the vicinity. Since you’re likely in the market for biohazard labels, you need to determine what is needed for your office or facility. It is important to be knowledgeable when shopping for these labels.

Here are five tips when shopping for biohazard labels for your workplace:

1. Pick the Best Size for the Setting

You want an appropriate size for your biohazard labels. Of course, the right size really depends on your workplace and use. For instance, if you’re inside of a medical office, then you will want a label that isn’t too big. On the other hand, if you’re a factory, then a larger label would suffice.

As you’re shopping for a biohazard label, be sure you’re paying attention to the size.

2. The Message is Critical

Another important factor is the message of the biohazard label. Here is a question: do you understand what the placard is trying to say? If not, then you need to find a better one.

Indeed, the message must inform the reader of what the biohazardous material is and what you should do. A detailed message will ensure that the biohazard label is effective.

3. Is it Durable & Reliable on Walls?

Many biohazard labels are manufactured these days with self-adhesive elements. This is great for any indoor setting you have in mind, whether it is on walls, doors or ceilings.

That said, if you need a biohazard label for an exterior setting, then you will need to mount them yourself. You will need screws, nails or other aspects to ensure the biohazard label can endure nature’s wrath.

In the end, you will need to make sure that the biohazard label is durable and reliable.

4. Consider Indoor & Outdoor Qualities

This may tie in to the previous point, but you should further think about indoor and outdoor qualities of biohazard labels. And this is more than just adhesive aspects.

For example, if you intend to utilize the biohazard labels for outdoor usage, then perhaps you may want to mull over the idea of using aluminum signage to get your point across. On the other hand, if you’re only using biohazard labels for indoor usage, then laminated stickers or plastic signage would suffice – indeed, these types of labels would be unable to handle outdoor weather conditions.

5. Ensure the Label Follows Writers’ Guidelines

Should you want to be extra vigilant, then perhaps you should also consider purchasing biohazard labels that adhere to writers’ guidelines. This accomplishes a few things, including getting the best bang for your buck and ensuring that readers understand.

Here are several features that you should hone in on when shopping for biohazard labels:

  • The primary lead is not buried beneath the surface.
  • Action-oriented words are utilized rather than passive language.
  • Labels tie to other important pieces of information.
  • Black on white warning text or white on black warning text.
  • Like exclamations? Ensure it has at least one exclamation.

These are certainly the best aspects of composing a biohazard label.

When you’re in the market for biohazard labels, you need to focus on the aforementioned tips for your work environment. Biohazard labels are important for the safety of your workplace. So, you will want the most effective labels.