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6 Good Paint Colors for Rooms With Little Natural Light


Most of us have a room or at least a little nook in our homes that don’t get a lot of natural light. While white is always a great choice to brighten up a room, there are many other colours that you can go with. These include warm-toned neutrals and more saturated colours with less black in the base. These work well when there’s less light to be reflected off the colour.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use light colours in rooms with little natural light. You can opt for brighter colours that do a good job of bringing in some light.

If you’re in need of some ideas, we have six paint colors for rooms with little natural light:

1. Powder Blue Paint Colors

Powder blue is a great paint color for rooms with little natural light. A room really can’t feel dark when it’s painted in this colour.

When pairing powder blue with furnishings and other décor elements, you can further brighten the room by opting for crisp, simple white details. If that isn’t your style, powder blue also pairs well with dark wood tones.

Powder blue is a truly timeless colour so you can be sure that when you paint your room in this colour, it will last a long time.

2. Warm Orange Paint Colors

Warm orange can really brighten up a space. This is in part due to orange’s ability to glow when there’s light from lamps or even a tiny bit of sunlight. Think shades like tangerine, apricot, and pumpkin.

Painters often use this color for rooms around the house, like the dining room or kitchen. Warm orange just exudes warmth which is what makes a great option for spaces where people gather.

What are some good options to pair with warm orange? White accents and dark wood furnishings work well with this colour.

3. Lavender Paint Colors

Not only is lavender one of those calming colours that are great for bedrooms, but lavender is also great for brightening up a room with little natural light, thanks to its warmer tones.

Another benefit of opting for lavender in a room is that it’s so versatile. This means that there are so many shades that work well in these types of rooms, from soft tints to purple-based tones. There is sure to be a shade for everyone.

When it comes to furniture and accessories to pair with your lavender walls, opt for neutrals like gray, black, or white. This gives off a more “grown-up” look if you’re worried about lavender not being sophisticated enough. For a more playful look, pair it with bold blue and purple. There are so many options when it comes to this shade so play around with it and have fun.

4. Gray Paint Colors

Gray is all the rage these days and has been for some time. It’s one of the top neutral tones for rooms with varying needs. As you may have guessed, gray even works well in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light. You will want to opt for a lighter shade of gray to help brighten your space.

Don’t worry about your room feeling too boring or subdued if you opt for classic gray. There are so many possibilities for accessorizing a gray room. Think bright accent colours for curtains, furnishings, and wall décor.

If bright colours aren’t your thing, white also pairs nicely with gray and helps give off a crisp, modern vibe.

5. Pale Yellow Paint Colors

When lacking in natural light, pale yellow is a great color for rooms with little natural light. Yellow helps make the room sunny and recreate the light that it’s missing. Since light colours reflect artificial light, it’s a great option to help brighten a room.

Pale yellow works well in rooms with small windows such as guest bathrooms and small bedrooms.

Pair your pale yellow walls with white accents and warm wood tones. This will add additional warmth to a dark room.

6. Soft Pink Paint Colors

Soft pinks have risen in popularity lately. And we can see why: they instantly soften up any space, even dark spaces. When looking for a shade of pink to use, think soft pastel colours and rose tones. These shades will give the room some colour while not being too overpowering.

If a bolder pink is more your style, it’s not out of the question. Just make sure not to paint the whole room this colour! Think accent walls instead. If doing this in the bedroom, use this wall to place your bed.

Now that you have some colours in mind that will help you brighten up a room with little natural light, you can get started on the painting. Whichever colour you decide to go with, give some thought to accents that will also help brighten the room.