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6 Interesting Facts About the Packaging Industry


A product manufacturer, a packaging company and a consumer all have different ideas and concerns about packaging. Here are 6 interesting facts you might not know about packaging and the packaging industry.

1. Packaging has many roles

Packaging protects and preserves products. It can also give important instructions and information about ingredients, and it needs to attract the eyes of consumers in a store. Some packaging is difficult to open on purpose, so it can protect children from dangerous goods.

2. There is no perfect packaging material

No packaging material can be perfect for all products and all applications. Each product needs a different type of packaging, and most packaging are made from a combination of different materials. It’s up to packaging companies to design great packaging.

3. Packaging does not take a lot of energy

Some people might think that the packaging industry is wasting a lot of energy, but this isn’t true. In fact, producing the packaging of a product generally requires ten times less energy than producing the product itself!

4. Packaging companies are trying to reduce their environmental impact

Packaging companies are constantly innovating and trying to reduce their environmental impact. For example, they do their part for the environment by using environmentally friendly materials in their packaging supplies, whenever possible.

Consumers shop for products, not for packaging, but they can also do their part for the environment by recycling the packaging that can be recycled, and by taking good care of the products they buy so they don’t need to replace them regularly.

5. The packaging industry supports recycling

The packaging industry supports recycling, but designing recyclable packaging is not always their first concern. They want their packaging to be cost-effective, and to do a good job at protecting the products inside.

In fact, most packing materials does not have to go to waste. Have you ever received a package full of packing peanuts? Fortunately, biodegradable packing peanuts exist, so if you can’t simply reuse them in another package, you will at least know that these little things won’t stay long at the landfill.

6. Many products are over-packaged for a good reason

If over-packaging makes you cringe, keep in mind that many things can damage products during transportation and warehousing. Different layers of packaging are often necessary to make sure the products you purchase get to your home in perfect condition.