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6 Most Common Uses of Weed and Cannabis


The use of substances has always been a topic of discussion in our society. Take, for example, the long-winded history of marijuana usage. From being shunned by policymakers at various points of history, to being decriminalized in recent years, the substance certainly has been controversial. However, the benefits and uses of weed are coming to light.

The practice of weed consumption, no matter the form it is in, has many benefits. That is why the negative connotation attached to it is slowly dissipating overtime, replaced with knowledge and curiosity about how weed can be used. Around your city, you may find a marijuana dispensary nearby, granting you easy access and usage.

If you are curious about what weed is actually used for, take into consideration the following uses of weed:

1. Smoking

Even if you have had no interaction with marijuana, you probably know what the main usage of it is. Individuals who consume the substance usually enjoy doing it by smoking it. This is done via a uniquely-made cigarette, where the plant is rolled into paper, and then smoked via inhalation.

Smoking marijuana can be done for various reasons, but a majority of people do it for recreation. The feeling of the induced chemicals into the brain promotes a sensation of relaxation. Inevitably, it stimulates a feel good awareness, allowing even the most agile of us to unwind and loosen up.

2. Medical usage

Medical marijuana usage may be at the forefront of most consumer consumption. That’s why the health benefits are now being considered as one of the major uses of weed. Health experts have often noted the importance of the substance, in its treatment of various, debilitating conditions. For example, research has proven just how beneficial weed is in aiding a number of illnesses.

Glaucoma, a condition in which the optic nerve in our eye is damaged by pressure, can be treated using marijuana. Although the benefits are not as prevalent as other conditions, weed has been noted to help in treating various forms of cancer. By putting the individual under a relaxed state, doctors can operate much better, in regards to treatment.

3. Recovery

The raw marijuana plant may be used by those who favour smoking, but its benefits go beyond that too. The active compound known as CBD, found within the plant, can be used in a myriad of topical creams and ointments. CBD is famous for its ability to heal body aches and pain, especially for athletes.

By applying a respective CBD cream to the inflicted part of the body, the recovery process accelerates. Many athletes, especially in high-contact sports, have noted the importance of the substance in their daily regimen. Even if you are not an athletic professional, topical CBD products may help alleviate you of your own physical pains!

4. Edibles

While on the same subject of CBD, the compound can also be used in a variety of food products. Colloquially known as edibles, these food products have most of the benefits of weed, without the need for smoking. The CBD compound, once consumed via a food product, stimulates the sensation of rest and relaxation.

Edibles come in a plethora of variations, ranging from gummy bears to cookies. Some legal proprietors even sell CBD-infused teas, allowing you to drink your favourite brew with the compound included. Should you ever need to calm your senses, trying out an edible of some sort should do you no harm.

5. Vaporizers

Sometimes, consuming weed by a smoking method may not be favourable to some. This is where the usage of inhalers comes into play. Vaporizers take another, active compound found in marijuana, known as THC, and include it in the vapor.

Once an individual inhales this vapor, the same chemical effect of the substance is simulated. The liquid extract may be very high in THC content, however. That is why it is important to be as informed as possible, before purchasing a vaporizer. Your local cannabis dispensary will be able to educate you on proper protocol, before usage.

6. Anxiety Relief

Recent data has illustrated the rise of anxiety-induced factors within our daily lives. Sometimes, this debilitating illness may become so severe to the point of preventing bodily function. As it turns out, many individuals who have varying levels of anxiety have turned to weed usage.

While consumed in a responsible manner, the substance has shown positive effects on a person’s mental state. By calming the respective user’s mind, their ability to focus on the moment becomes much more apparent. As such, weed is celebrated for its effects on mental health. Some studies have even noted its benefits on treating depression and PTSD as well!

Although marijuana usage has certainly come a long way, the conversation surrounding it will nevertheless persist. However, with more data coming out on its positive effects, it is inevitable that the stigma will be eliminated. Just be sure to enjoy it in a responsible manner. Then, you will be able to fully consume all of the plant’s benefits in more ways than just smoking!