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6 Most Famous Bird Mascots in History


Mascots are a tradition that have been around since at least the 1800s. It’s easy to see why a good, recognizable mascot brings a welcome face to a team or company that is easily identifiable as well as entertaining.

If you look closely at the world around you, you’ll notice that there are mascots that come in the form of just about anything. From fungus to peanuts, little is off-limits in the mascot game.

As you can imagine, there are more than a few famous bird mascots with an iconic legacy. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous bird mascots in history:

1. YoUDee (Bird mascot at University of Delaware)

Picture from YoUDee’s Twitter page

This blue feathered, golden clad bird mascot has some pretty interesting lore behind him. According to legend, YoUDee’s great-great-great grandfather actually served in the American Revolutionary War. His tour was served alongside the second company of the 1st Delaware Regiment, naturally. This company was referred to as the Fighting Delawares, as well as the “Blue Hen’s Chickens,” hence the nickname that athletes of the University of Delaware carry: Blue Hens.

By entwining the mascot into a proud local history and giving the players a sort of legacy as a new pack of Blue Hens, it’s safe to say that YoUDee will continue to represent the university for years to come. The bird mascot YoUDee is typically found flocking around the University of Delaware in sports games, campus festivities, and just general school spirit.

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2. Sonny the Cuckoo Bird (Bird mascot of Cocoa Puffs cereal)

Sonny the Cuckoo Bird is one of the favourite bird mascots among breakfast eaters everywhere. This is not only due to the sweet, chocolatey taste of Cocoa Puffs Cereal, but also because of the colourful character that graces the front of the box.

Sonny has gone through quite a few redesigns over the years following his debut in 1962, but a staple of his character is his classic cereal craze in which he goes “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.” The slogan is so catchy and fun that Sonny’s appearance may continue to chance throughout the years, but his attitude towards the cereal brand will more than likely be a constant in the future.

3. Poe (Bird mascot at Baltimore Ravens)

Face of the Baltimore Ravens, Poe is a black raven in a purple shirt that bears the Raven’s crest. Poe is the last of three different brothers, the others named “Edgar” and “Allen.” Poe is clearly a product of the famous poem “The Raven,” written by Baltimore resident Edgar Allen Poe.

The three had various personalities, ranging from stoic to a bit lazy, but Edgar and Allen were retired in 2008. This left Poe to battle for morale on his own, however he was flanked by two real ravens, named “Rise” and “Conquer” in 2009.

Learn more about Poe the bird mascot on the official Baltimore Ravens website.

4. The Oregon Duck (Bird mascot at University of Oregon)

Picture from The Oregon Duck’s Twitter page

Dating back to the 1890’s, Oregonian athletics teams were referred to as ‘Webfoots.” This was a reference to a group of fishermen who served in the American Revolutionary War. In 1962, the name became official for the teams, and gave credence to a new form of mascot.

The bird mascot that persists to this day is the Oregon Duck, and he bares a striking resemblance to another duck of Disney fame. So much so that Disney actually began looking into the mascot, themselves. The dispute was settled by a handshake agreement between athletic director Leo Harris and a Disney cartoonist who gave his blessing. As you can imagine, a handshake agreement isn’t the most binding contract in the house of the mouse.

However, the issue was resolved once more when Harris produced a photo of he and Walt Disney, himself, wearing jackets bearing the mallard mascot.

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5. Big Red (Bird mascot of the Arizona Cardinals)

The bird mascot of the NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, Big Red certainly stands out in a crowd. This is not only due to his large head and beak, but the bright red of his feathers and attire. According to the legend surrounding the legend, he was hatched on October 4, 1998.

Other details list him as being 6 foot, 7 inches, and even has a 7 foot wingspan. This appearance has made him one of the most recognizable mascots in the NFL and across the world. He attends every home game, and a few away games, including a very special Superbowl appearance in 2009.

Learn more about Big Red the bird mascot at the Arizona Cardinals website.

6. Toucan Sam (Bird Mascot of the Fruit Loops cereal)

Another cereal bird mascot, Toucan Sam appeared on the scene in 1963. He has been featured in advertising for Fruit Loops Cereal ever since. Colourful and entertaining enough to be easily recognizable, he even has his own catchphrase that allows children to participate with him.

The phrase in question has him cheerfully proclaiming that you should just “Follow your nose! It always knows!” This phrase is typically followed by kids replying with an exciting “The flavour of fruit! Wherever it grows!” However, there is another variation that has the kids shouting “For the fruity taste that shows!” No matter the phrase, it’s safe to say that Toucan Sam is quite the advertising success.