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6 Office Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making


A clean office can have a positive impact on morale, productivity, and your brand image. Cleanliness in the office can also keep your employees healthy, which is why many businesses opt to use office cleaning services.

Even though you know this, you might still rush through the cleaning process. After all, you have a business to run, deadlines to meet, and more pressing issues to attend to. You may not get to cleaning your office very often, and when you do, you might not do the best job—even though you want to. You’re not a professional cleaner, so you don’t know the best practices and procedures.

Despite your best efforts, you might be making cleaning mistakes, like the ones described below.

1. Cleaning Windows in the Sunlight

In a way, it makes sense that you’d clean your office windows in the sunlight, as you’re able to see the dirt with the sun shining on it. In addition, you’re more likely to clean during the day while you’re in the workplace.

However, this is a bad idea. It will end up leaving streaks on the glass, and the windows may look even dirtier than they did before. It’s best to clean windows either before sunrise, after sundown, or on cloudy days.

2. Cleaning Electronics with Cleaning Products

After significant use, your electronics will no doubt get dirty. Your computer screen and keyboard, printer, speakers, and video conference systems will get dusty or dirty over time. You might want to clean them by spraying an all-purpose cleaner on them. After all, it’s all purpose!

When it comes to electronic equipment, however, you should never use cleaners. Chemicals can leave buildups inside them and damage the systems over time. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. And if you’re ever in doubt, use a dry cloth, air cleaner, or soft brush on this type of equipment to protect it.

3. Neglecting Trash Bins

You take out the trash routinely, but it might still stink in the office. Why? It’s likely because you’re not cleaning the trash bins. Over time, the bins can get full of food particles and germs. Wash them with soapy water every few weeks to keep your office smelling fresh.

4. Neglecting Door Knobs and Light Switches

You want to keep your employees healthy, so you make a point of cleaning the phone systems, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and other common areas and surfaces that can spread germs. But you might be forgetting critical places where germs live: door knobs and light switches.

Think about it: Your employees open doors and turn on the lights every single day, but these areas are often forgotten about during the cleaning process. This can lead to sick employees.

5. Causing Cross-Contamination

When you’re cleaning, do you use different cloths for different areas? Or are you using the same rag to clean the bathroom counter and the desks? Despite your best intention, you could be making the office more germ-laden through cross-contamination.

You clean one area, then use the same cloth to clean another—moving bacteria from one place to another unintentionally.

6. Using the Wrong Equipment to Clean Your Floors

Do you use your office vacuum to clean all floors, despite the fact that some areas might be carpeted while others might be tile or hardwood? Using the wrong equipment can do more harm than good.

The wrong equipment can scratch and damage the surface of your floor. At the same time, using the wrong cleaners, like the ones you own at home, on your commercial floor can also destroy its surfaces.

You want to ensure your office is truly clean. Though you try your best to clean on your own, you might be making critical mistakes that spread germs or damage surfaces. Professional office cleaners will have the best practices, proper equipment, and hospital-grade disinfectants to ensure your office is spotless and germ-free.