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7 Best Stationery Supplies That Every Office Worker Needs


Stationery items are an important part of any office or work area. These items may often be so basic that we can even forget about them. If you are looking for the best stationery available, we have the seven most essential office equipment and supplies that you will need. The list covers some of the classics to make sure that you don’t forget anything important!

1. Sticky notes

There are so many uses for sticky notes, just so many. You can stick them on the wall, on your laptop, on top of files, etc… with a reminder to yourself or co-workers. You can use them to mark pages for future reference or for frequent use. You can use them to write out whole to do lists, or just write one or two words on them.

This isn’t even the best thing about them. The best thing? How colourful they are. Their bright colours make them stand out and that makes them effective for writing all of those reminders on. It also offers up great opportunities for colour codding your notes and organising your page markings.

2. Pens

Pens are so basic that it almost seems pointless to put this item on this list. I mean, how are you going to write without one? In this increasingly digital age, pen and paper are increasingly being looked over. You may do most of your writing, note-taking and communication via computer (or on your cell), but handwriting still has its place. You’d be surprised how often you will still need to write something (maybe on all of those sticky notes?).

There’s no going wrong with your run of the mill black and blue ballpoint pens. These are considered the best stationery for a reason: they are hardy and the colors are easy to read. Still, there are more options. You can splurge a bit and go for a fountain pen. They may be a bit more expensive but they exude a class that may even spill over into your writing. You can also get a set of multicolored pens, some say that writing in multiple colors can help you to better remember what you are writing.

3. A Calendar

A calendar is important to keep track of your meetings. Yes, you may have an electronic one, but if you don’t consult it then it’s easy to forget things. Calendars can be placed on the wall or on your desk: somewhere very visible. You will see it any time you walk in and out of your office and that way you won’t miss anything important.

Calendars are also great because you can get them in a size that suits your needs. If you have a smaller office, you can get a smaller one, or a weekly-planning calendar. In a larger space, or if you need to keep track of many long-term projects, then you can get one or even many monthly planners on which to lay out your plans. You can even get a dry-erase board calendar, that way if your plans are often changing, changing your calendar will be quick and easy.

4. Pen Holder

Just a simple single-hole round or square holder, or one that features many separate compartments. iT is a simple item and easy to overlook. It’s also really important, it keeps your desk uncluttered and all of the little odds and ends that you might need in one easy-to-find place. It’s also an opportunity to create a style for your work area.

You can get a leather (or faux-leather) pen holder, if you are looking for an old-school sophisticated look in your office or you could go for a bright pink metallic mesh one, if you are looking to create a fun and bright atmosphere. There are endless options when it comes to this simple piece of stationery. Choose one that fits you and the look that you are going for.

5. Paper Clips

Paperclips are so small, but so important. You’ll probably have a lot of documents lying around on your desk. Paper clips will stop these from getting all mixed together. Paperclips can also be more practical than staples since they can be removed without damaging the pages. Get them in a classic plain metal finish or get multi-colored ones (you could even color-code for some additional organisation). And keep them in one of the compartments in your pen holder.

6. Highlighters

You probably know these from your college or university years: highlighting endless lines of text in thick textbooks. Highlighters can still be important after school. They are a great way to highlight things that you need to remember or that you want to be able to find again with only a quick glance. You may not use them all the time, but having a few in your office will come in handy.

7. Paper

Like so many of the best stationery, paper is such a basic piece of office supply. Basics are easy to forget though. We may do most of our work on computers, but paper is still very important. You will need paper to print all of the work that you do on your computer.

You will also find yourself needing paper time and time again to make quick notes on. Your best bet is to get some printer size and quality paper as well as a smaller notepad that you can scribble notes on while working.