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7 Plumbing Tips When You Don’t Have a Plumber


You head to the washroom at 3 a.m. on a Saturday to do some business. As you do your thing and flush the toilet, suddenly you hear an immense noise and the drain becomes clogged. Out of nowhere, water begins to flood the bathtub and the bathroom sink. Yikes! What a start to your day. When you don’t have access to a plumber and you want to remedy a plumbing issue yourself for short-term relief, you need to be equipped with the knowledge to handle everything.

Here are seven plumbing tips when you don’t have a plumber:

1. Have a Plunger Ready

Although every single bathroom should have one, many of us do not own one for whatever reason. So, either today or tomorrow, head to the local store and pick up a plunger. The plunger should be heavy duty, reliable and fix any clog in your toilet, sink or bathtub.

It will save you big time.

2. Duct Tape & Leak Sealing Tape

Until a permanent resolution can be established, you will need to turn to duct tape and leak sealing tape. These products can assist you in any plumbing emergency. Also, having some Teflon tape will seal up leaks in other pipe connections.

3. You Should Have Your Tools Just in Case

A wrench, multi-use screwdriver, hammer and any other tool in your toolkit should be readily available. Even if you aren’t a professional plumber, sometimes these tools will come in handy in an emergency. Akin to tape, they can suffice until a real plumber arrives on your premises.

4. Use a Vacuum to Get the Hard Objects

Do you know what’s clogging that toilet? Your toothbrush…as well as your comb and your child’s toy. Don’t worry, though, you can always use a vacuum to nab the hard objects that fall down the toilet.

5. A Bucket of Water Always Helps

After you have removed much of the water in the toilet, you should grab a bucket of hot water and slowly flush it down the toilet. It won’t refill the toilet bowl, but it will provide a remedy.

6. The Main Water Shut-Off Valve

If there is a substantial leak then you have to find the main water shut-off valve. It is important to know where it is at all times. Also, if you have a water heater, you must understand how to turn it off – if you have a gas heater then turn it to the pilot position.

7. Heavy Duty Paper Towels

Water and mess will cover your entire bathroom. Obviously, you can’t perform an in-depth cleaning job, but you should tidy up as much as possible. This is where heavy duty paper towels come in. They will absorb all of the hefty amounts of water and help you remove the dirt.