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7 Strategies to Buying Healthier Groceries


You have finally decided to ditch the soda pop, forget about making microwave dinner and leave that bucket of ice cream in the grocery store freezer. Good for you! Moving forward, it is all about the fruits and vegetables from here on out. Well, one can only hope it lasts. Before you head on over to a local all natural health food store, there are a few things you need to remember about a well-balanced grocery shopping trip to ensure you get all of your vitamins and nutrients.

Here are the top nine tips for health grocery shopping at health food stores:

1. Plan Ahead

Prior to sauntering over to your local health food store, you should plan ahead. You should think about what you want to eat, what your taste buds are telling you and how much money you have available to buy on healthy goods.

With your meal plan set in your head, you should begin to make a list of everything you want to buy. If you have ever visited the store before then attempt to jot down much each item costs – it doesn’t matter if it’s just an estimate (any ballpark figure will do).

2. Never Visit Hungry

Don’t go hungry. Just before you step outside your front door, take a drink of water, eat a small meal, snack on something. Whatever you do, just don’t go shopping on an empty stomach.

3. Over-Shop Your Produce

A common error that health-conscious shoppers make is under-shopping their produce. Likely due to fears of throwing it in the trash, people don’t want to buy too many peppers or kale. Skip it. You should over-shop your produce and buy as much as you can.

4. Pick Plain

Everything from yogurt to soy beverage, you should always pick the plain option rather than the one with flavours. The plain will have fewer calories and additional ingredients.

5. Be Adventurous

It is time to be adventurous with your groceries. Instead of always picking the same fruit and vegetables and other favourite foods, you should go outside of your comfort zone. For every five items, select one new product that you have never tried before.However, before placing the item in your cart, it would be a good idea to peruse the label to comb through all of the ingredients and nutritional content.

6. Avoid the Sweets

Are you being seduced by that fresh smell of cake? Do those gluten-free cookies make you salivate? Whenever you come across sweets, do not cave in to the immaculate taste. You must take a step back, look the other way and move on.

7. A Final Look at Your Cart

All done! Just one last thing: take one final look at your cart before you venture to the cashier. This gives you a final opportunity to put back those little candies you snatched from the shelf.