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8 Different Types of Motorcycles and Their Characteristics


If you are an open road lover, a motorcycle will suit you well. Motorcycles are power tools that suit different individuals and their goals for riding. Motorbikes can be fun, relaxing and pleasurable. It can offer a whole lot of adrenaline for riders like you as it takes you on an adventure. These vehicles are completely different to cars.

Remember that having a motorcycle requires knowledge, training and responsibility. If you have these, you can expect your motorcycle to be extreme fun. Riding a motorcycle will give you a sense of freedom. You are totally in control. As you ride, you experience all the vivid and vibrant colors of your surroundings. The experience is incomparable to any other vehicles including a bicycle. The thrill to ride a motorbike is the best experience that you do not want to miss!

Once you have the training and your license, you have reached the final phase of your motorcycle preparation, which is the purchase of your motorbike. With so many brands, it makes it hard to choose the one best for you. When you are ready to buy your motorbike, look at the engine size, weight and seat size. There are different types of motorcycles that will suit your taste and expectation.

Here are eight different types of motorcycles and the characteristics for each motorcycle type:

1. Standard Motorcycles

If you are looking for a motorcycle type that is simple, the standard motorbikes are the best option. This is your basic motorcycle and good for street riding. They are good if you are starting out as a new rider.

These two wheel machines offer easy-going ergonomics. When you ride this motorbike, you are in an upright position that enables you to ride comfortably. The fuel tank is mostly at the front of the rider. The performance is tame compared to other models, but they offer a safe and comfortable ride on freeways.

2. Cruiser Motorcycles

These types of motorcycles promote comfort and stability on the roads, mainly on highways. It is packed with high-tech features and light compact design. The seat height allow riders to easily place both feet flat on the ground at stops for added assurance.

Stylish and comfortable, these type of motorbikes offer a rewarding ride and real-world usability. The biggest benefit is the incredible fuel efficiency without compromising on the range.

3. Sports Motorcycles

Optimized for high-speed riding, these types of motorcycles are best for riders with a thrill for speed. They combine power, lightness, performance and control capabilities. They are easy to control with adjustable suspensions. If you choose this type of motorbike, you enjoy the perfect blend of racing performance along with safety and comfort on the road.

4. Off-road and Adventure Motorcycles

This type of bike is lightweight and perfect for your off-road trips as it offers great off road capabilities and long travel performance. The foot pegs are designed for off-road riding. This motorbike is designed to tackle the most rugged off-road adventures, while enjoying complete comfort. It is a great all-rounder commuter.

5. Dual Sport Motorcycles

A dual-purpose motorcycle is a perfect fit for the enthusiastic riders who love on and off road riding. You can ride on public roads and on off road adventures. These bikes offer tractability and control on all terrains and conditions. It combines ergonomics and seamless maneuverability. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds with the dual sport motorbikes.

6. Touring Motorcycles

With a touring bike, your adventure is beyond imagination. This is why these motorbikes are common on the road. They offer a relaxed riding position and can break up wind making it comfortable for long distance rides.

These types of motorcycles are light, lean and designed to push beyond the limits. Designed for long distance rides, these bikes offer strong performance engines and bigger fuel tanks. These bike offer storage space for you and your passenger.

7. Harley Davidson Motorcycles

This legendary motorbike brand combine styling elements and modern technology. They are the most sought-after types of motorcycles in the world as they offer a commute full of adrenaline. It offers performance power for hill climbing and riding with passengers. You also get cargo space.

This motorcycle type is made for long-range rides, city-based speed and more. There is the sportster model that comes with a slender frame, narrow tank, solo seat and low-rise handlebar.  The Harley® Fat Bob® comes with a powerful air-cooled engine with a six-speed cruise drive transmission.

8. Sport Touring Motorcycles

This is a hybrid motorcycle that is overall lighter in weight compared to a touring bike. They offer a relaxing seat position when riding. You experience powerful performance that can propel you effortlessly up, down, through and around various types of terrains.

The motorcycle engine is constructed to give the rider confidence and an inspiring ride experience. It takes you through winds and gravel roads. You enjoy a bike that suits the terrain and your mood.