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9 Easy Dances to Learn Quickly


Dancing is one of the most pleasurable activities that people will participate in throughout their lives. Dancing can be a great way to relieve stress or it can be an intimate moment between you and someone special. Many people seek easy dances to learn and show off their moves at social events, such as weddings, birthday parties and clubbing events.

Despite how enjoyable dance is, many people are too terrified to dance when they’re out because they fear that they’re not good enough or will embarrass themselves, but fear not! There are many easy dances to learn, so you don’t have to feel nervous about getting up and busting a move with your friends.

Below is a list of nine easy dances to learn quickly and practice to perfection:

1. The Two-Step Dance

This is one of the those easy dances to learn and master. Simply set one foot to the side and bring your other foot to meet it then do the same with the other foot and continue alternating. The two-step is a casual dance move that can be done at any event to any kind of music and doesn’t require a partner.

If you really get into the spirit, you can use your arms to sway, clap or snap your fingers!



2. Waltz Dance

The waltz is a form of ballroom dancing, but it is a pretty easy dance to learn for beginners. This is one of the most elegant and smooth dances out there. It can be distinctly identified due to its three quarter timing and a rise and fall step. Not many people know how to waltz these days, but if you do, it will definitely impress those around you!

A fun fact about the waltz is it was developed in Germany in the 1920s but it continues to be a core component of social events around the world. Watching a waltz dance is soothing and relaxing because of the characteristic swaying.

3. Cha Cha Dance

The cha cha’s name comes from the characteristic “cha-cha-cha” quick step that is incorporated into the dance. Another easy ballroom dance, the cha cha is a must know dance for any beginner.

4. Paso Doble Dance

The double step, otherwise known as the paso doble, is a Spanish dance that is lively and passionate. Today, the paso doble is commonly performed at social events. The paso doble is characterized by artistic hand movements and forward stepping using the heels.

The male partner takes a strong lead in this dance and is required to move with pride, dignity and confidence. The dance is also quite brisk which means that the dancers need to have neat and quick feet.

5. Salsa Dance

The salsa is a Latin dance designed for couples looking to have lots of fun on the dancefloor. Part of the reason why this dance is so fun is it incorporates many spins, sharp movements and spicy turns. The salsa is particularly popular in the clubbing scene because the dance requires a heavy beat and dramatic full weight transfer steps. It is also an easy dance to learn if you have a lot of passion and a little bit of rhythm.

6. Foxtrot Dance

Many think of Old Hollywood and its respective classic style when they think of the foxtrot. The foxtrot uses an obvious tempo that goes slow-slow-quick-quick which is easy to learn and looks fantastic when it is mastered.

The foxtrot dance can be slightly challenging to learn at first because of the small footsteps required. However, it is easy enough once you understand the basic fundamentals of the dance. The small footsteps make the viewers and dancers feel playful and vibrant!

7. Rumba Dance

Latin dances are known for being spicy, hot and romantic, the rumba is no different! In fact, the rumba is a staple sensual slow dance in the world of Latin dancing. The rhythm of the rumba goes quick-quick-slow and uses slow timing with dramatic hip movements.

The rumba is an easy dance to learn for social events such as weddings or anniversary parties. This is because the art of the dance aims to portray a love story about a strong, passionate male lover and a shy, teasing woman.

8. Mambo Dance

The mambo is all about the intense rush of adrenaline and extreme passion. This style of dance was invented in Cuba but has become quite mainstream in recent years due to its high energy and distinct hip movements.

The mambo has an essential beat that goes quick-quick-slow complete with many weight shifting movements to allow for iconic hip swaying. You’ll know you’ve mastered this easy dance when you can effortlessly sway your hips without missing a beat!

9. Head Bob Dance

If all else fails for you in the world of dance, go with the head bob! It can be done at any event and is easy to do when you’re holding a drink. Just as the name implies bob your head along to the beat of the song. If you’re shy, this is a good way to get some dancing in without being the center of attention.