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9 Fun Indoor Activities for Seniors in Retirement


When the temperatures outside skyrockets, it is no longer safe for seniors to be outdoors for any period of time. It is safer inside where it is nice and cool and comfortable.

As all these indoor activities for seniors prove, there are many fun recreational activities that can be done indoors. Even though most of us want to be outside when it’s hot (because our summers are so short and our winters are so long!), staying indoors can be just as fun. Not to mention, it decreases the risk of heat stroke and many other dangers.

Here are 9 indoor activities for seniors that will be just as fun (if not more fun!) than being outside.

1. Exercise in the Fitness Room

While it’s always nice to get outside and exercise, sometimes that’s not possible. Exercising in a fitness room still allows you to get a nice workout without the outdoor elements. You can go for a brisk walk on the treadmill, walk up some steps on the Stairmaster, or lift some light weights. Indoor fitness rooms offer quite a selection so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

2. Read a Book

What could be better than curling up in a cozy spot with your favourite book? Reading is one of the most relaxing indoor activities for seniors. Maybe bring your favourite soft blanket and a cup of tea and you’re all set to get lost in your book! Before you know it, it’ll be dinner time and you’ll wonder where the time went!

3. Catch up With Family

Catching up with family is a nice way to pass time indoors. Find out all the latest gossip about your children and grandchildren and which new hobbies they’re into. Spending time with others is a great way to pass the time indoors. You can even have some tea, coffee, and snacks. Who doesn’t love snacks?

4. Play with Animals

Sometimes in retirement homes, volunteers bring their dogs in for the residents to pet. We can all admit that petting an animal feels good. It’s been scientifically proven that petting an animal can help lower your blood pressure.

Also, among its many benefits, petting an animal helps your body release the relaxation hormone and cuts down on the stress hormone. Can you believe that heart attack survivors who own dogs live longer than heart attack survivors who do not own dogs?! Natural medicine at work!

If you live in an accommodating retirement home and a family member has a dog, ask them to bring them over, or see if you can spend some time with the neighbour’s dog.

5. Play with Babies

Babies have that uncanny ability to just bring so much joy into our lives. Whether it’s their innocence or that delicious baby smell, it’s always a pleasure getting to hold a child. If there’s a baby in your circle that visits, use that time to play with them and it will be a fun-filled afternoon.

6. Go for a Swim Indoors

Even though when you swim outside you get to enjoy nature at the same time, swimming indoors is one of the best indoor activities fo rseniors. You can swim some small laps, play with the pool props, or just relax. At the same time, the water cools you down and provides tons of relaxation. An added benefit is that with indoor pools, you can swim 365 days a year!

7. Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts are known to be a relaxing indoor activity. The possibilities are endless when it comes to which types of crafts you can do. The key here is to do something that piques your interest. Maybe you like to knit blankets or crochet scarves. Maybe jewelry is what tickles your fancy. Or maybe you are more into the arts side – like painting or drawing.

Whatever your arts and crafts preferences are, take on a project that will give you some satisfaction once it’s complete. Another good thing about doing arts and crafts is that you get to finish the final product. You can hang it up in your room, give it away to a friend, or give it to one of your grandchildren. I’m sure they’ll treasure it forever.

8. Card and Board Games

So many different types of card and board games exist today. You probably have your go-to card or board game, but maybe someone can teach you a new one and that one will become your favourite game. If you really like games and are open to learning even more, this could be a new hobby to do when you’re indoors.

9. Dance

Dancing makes a wonderfully fun indoor activity. Did you know that there are many benefits to dancing? Some include stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis, better coordination, agility, flexibility, increased aerobic ability and improved condition of your heart and lungs. The best part? You get to have fun while doing it!