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Happiest Dog Breeds: 6 Best Dogs For Depression


Dogs are just about the greatest species on this planet. Anyone who has a dog will know why this is so true. Even if you do not have a dog, most people in general love dogs. When you see a dog or a puppy, take a look at the happy faces around you. You will catch people suddenly smiling. They have such an effect on us. Whoever first said that they are our best friends got it spot on!

Dogs have also played a huge role in the lives of many people as service dogs. They have been trained to help the blind, they can be companion dogs, they help to detect dangerous substances and have been known to help save lives. There are hearing dogs, mobility assistance dogs, diabetic alert dogs and dogs that can alert others when the owner has an epileptic seizure.

Depression is a terrible mental illness. Dogs can help a person with depression as part of their coping strategies. People with depression can take medication and go for other forms of therapy as well. Some dogs are known to help with depression as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the happiest dog breeds, as well as the best dogs for depression treatment:

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This cute, affectionate dog used to be a favourite of royalty years ago. In fact, King Charles II loved them so much he named the breed after himself. They are not large dogs and are great because they are pretty easygoing. They tend to be pretty laid back with children and other dogs.

Snuggle up on the couch with them or take them for long walks. The fact that they love to cuddle makes them great for people with depression. They can make you feel good about yourself and make you feel very special. They are also quite easy to train.

2. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a larger breed, so they will need more exercise. That is also a good thing because it can help to get you out. People with depression may find it difficult to motivate themselves to do things.

Having a jolly big dog like this that depends on you forces you to get out a few times. That can only help with depression. They always seem to be in a good mood and have a good disposition. Imagine how helpful that is for someone with depression. They are also intelligent and easy to train.

This is generally one of the happiest dog breeds and the animals love to please you. The fact that they need to go out a fair amount is good because it gives you some form of exercise. Exercise itself has been shown to help with depression.

3. Golden Retriever

You only have to look at a Golden Retriever’s kind, gentle face and you will forget all your troubles. They are very loving, devoted dogs. They are also one of the best dogs for depression.

Since they are large, they too need to get out and about for exercise, which helps the depressed person. These guys are also well-behaved yet they are playful and quite athletic. They will certainly keep you busy and occupied. Sometimes, people with depression may have periods where they don’t do anything and just have thoughts going through their head.

With a dog such as a Golden Retriever, these moments can reduce because you spend more time on the dog. These dogs are very smart and trainable. They are one of the most popular dog breeds. The only problem with them is that they shed a lot of hair.

4. Pug

These little guys always look like they are upset! However, they are absolutely adorable. They are considered to be a positive breed, making them the best dogs for someone suffering from depression. These dogs have a good temperament and are a barrel of laughs.

Unfortunately, like the Golden, they too tend to shed a fair amount, so expect to do a lot of vacuuming. They do suffer a bit in the heat, so make sure to keep them comfortable. They are also a breed that can develop breathing problems.

As long as you know how to take care of them, they can be the perfect dog for someone with depression. If you live in an apartment, a pug would be a great choice for you as a companion.

5. Border Collie

Border Collies are incredibly intelligent dogs. In fact, it is said that they are the most intelligent of all the dog breeds. They can pose quite a challenge to you. If you need to get out more and exercise, this clever breed might just be what you need to help you with your depression.

Apart from being smart, they are also energetic dogs. Training them and teaching them tricks can be rewarding and lots of fun. You do need to be somewhat motivated yourself. It is quite understandable if this is difficult, since depression affects people in different ways. It can be hard to be motivated.

If you do get one, make sure to socialize them early. They can be such cuddle buddies and incredibly affectionate.

6. Yorkshire Terrier

These little dogs are great for an apartment. They are just so amazingly cute and loveable. One look from their loving eyes and your heart will melt immediately. They are intelligent and form such a strong bond with the master. They are also easier to train than many other breeds. Since they are small, you can just about take them anywhere. Don’t be fooled by their size. They can lift your morale and spirits and keep you in stitches.

Dogs can help with depression in many ways. For a start, they have unconditional love. Wherever they get it from, there seems to be a never-ending supply of it. Whatever your problems are, they just love you like you are the most important person in the world.

Taking care of them can give you a sense of value. You know that you need to be responsible to take care of this special life. It keeps you active, gets you out and makes you meet people. You could even make new friends. Caring for a dog gives you a routine and structure in your life. Touching and cuddling a dog makes you feel good (science proves it) and can also improve your overall health. You will be a better person for it.