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Here Are The Top 7 Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Jobs


Employees can get fired for many different reasons, such as performing poorly, stealing or damaging the property of their company, or using drugs or alcohol at work.

Employees can also choose to quit their jobs for different reasons. Here are the top 7 reasons why many employees decide to resign.


😪 1. The job is not what they expected

Many employees choose to quit because their new job is not at all what they expected it to be when they got hired. It’s important for an employer to make sure each new employee understands what they will have to do, and where they will work.


😠 2. Their relationship with their supervisor is not that good

Employees can choose to quit their job to escape a bad relationship with their supervisor or their employer.


😵 3. They are simply not the right person for the job

There are times when the job is exactly what an employee expected it to be, but they eventually realize that they are simply not the right person for it. It makes more sense for them to simply quit than to keep a job that doesn’t match their skills and interests.


😶 4. They are not getting enough feedback about their work

Most employees need to know how well they are doing, and if there is anything they can improve. Employees can decide to quit if they are not receiving enough feedback and attention from their employer.


😒 5. They feel like they should be rewarded for their hard work

Employees also need to know that their hard work is appreciated. If an employee feels like their colleagues who perform poorly are receiving the same rewards and recognition as them, they might want to quit and to find a job where their work will be appreciated.


😟 6. They don’t see any opportunity to take their career to the next level

Employees can quit their job if they feel like they have no opportunity to learn new things, to develop their skills and to move forward with their career.


😱 7. They were forced to resign

Employees can also quit because their employers are forcing them to. Constructive dismissal happens when an employer changes the terms of an employee’s job without their consent, and forces them to either accept the new terms, or quit. An employment lawyer can be helpful in this sort of situation.