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How to Pack a TV for Moving Safely and Carefully


Moving is almost always a complicated venture with a lot of different parts and concerns that have to be taken into consideration. One of those concerns that you may already be dealing with is that of moving your large, shiny, heavy flat screen TV into your new home safely.

Ideally, you will have an experienced team of movers who will transport your television as securely as possible. Or you could just pack it into a big box and hope for the best, but you don’t really want to do that, right? Sure, it would be simpler…but maybe not so simple if you reached your new address and had to deal with a scarred or cracked TV screen. So what are you going to do?

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing tips on how to pack a TV for moving safely:

Tip #1: See if you still have the original packaging

So, you’ve already prepped for TV for moving. You’ve unplugged all the cords, speakers, DVD and Blu-ray players, HDMI cables, etc. You’ve wrapped the whole TV with bubble wrap and tape or a sheet and tape or styrofoam and tape. But what box are you going to put it in? Well, you should start by seeing if you still own the box that the TV came in.

That’s a great, easy way to pack your TV, as it’s already perfectly sized. Of course, you may have thrown the box out or you may just not want to spend a bunch of time looking for it. If that’s the case, then move on to our next tips!

(But be sure to save your next TV box. Just in case you move again.)

Tip #2: Purchase a TV packing kit

If you need help to pack a TV for moving, you may want to buy a TV packing kit. This is perhaps one of the easiest ways of making sure your TV arrives at your new home in one piece. The packing kit is specifically designed for TVs. There are several different places to purchase these kits—simply do a quick search and there should be many options available for you. When you have the kit in hand, you’ll be able to pack your TV away with very little trouble.

Get some padding—styrofoam, plastic, bubble wrap, or even a sheet—and wrap your TV in that padding. Make sure that it stays in one place by taping everything! (And make sure that the tape you use is strong and won’t come free.)

Once you’ve padded your TV, add whatever other protective measure the TV packing kit came with (such as corner protectors) and then place the TV in the box (and tape the box up). You should be good to go!

Tip #3: Use a large moving box

With the size of many flat screen TVs these days, this tip may seem impractical. But if you have a smaller television, you may want to continue reading! One potential solution for your TV packing problems could be to get a large moving box and angle the TV inside so that it’s wedged in the box horizontally. (You should wrap it and protect the corners with cardboard, styrofoam, etc. before you do this.)

Basically, it needs to be wedged so that it doesn’t move around. Then, surround the TV on both sides/on top with sheets, blankets, clothes, towels…anything soft and protective. With the television wedged firmly into the box and surrounded by all sorts of comfy packing supplies, you’ll be able to pack more than you would in just a TV box and you’ll protect your screen!

Tip #4: Make sure that your TV is kept upright in the moving van

Once you have your TV secured, padded, taped, and packed into whatever box you’ve chosen for the task, it’s time to make sure that it reaches its final destination safely. And that means taking care with how it’s packed into the moving van.

One of the big things you want to avoid when it comes to getting your TV into (and out of) the van safely is laying it down flat. You’ll want to make sure that your television is upright for two big reasons. First of all, it will reduce the risk of breakage.

Heavy objects won’t be set down on it by accident, people won’t step on it, and it won’t be as easily damaged under an uneven balance of weight/the jolts and bumps of the moving van. And secondly, it can save space in the moving van, especially if you’ve packed your TV in a slim box.

Tip #5: Try to secure your TV as much as possible

Along with packing your TV into the moving van in the upright position, you also want to secure the box/television as much as possible so that it doesn’t go flying, should the van come to a sudden stop or go over a big pothole.

To achieve this, try to make sure your TV is slotted between a couple sturdy pieces of furniture that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Couches, dressers, even heavy chairs or desks could all be good choices for this.

Tip #6: Be careful as you physically move the TV

This holds true, especially if your TV is a larger model, as you should probably use more than one person to unmount the TV from the wall, carry it to the moving van, carry it out of the moving van, and remount it in your new home.

Most professional movers know what they’re doing when it comes to TVs, but it might be a good idea to ask some questions specific to how they’ll move your TV if you’re concerned.