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Top 7 Essential Pots & Pans You Should Have in a Commercial Kitchen


Pots and pans are an essential tool every kitchen needs. In a commercial kitchen, there are certain cooking equipment and tools needed to prepare the bigger volumes of meals that are required. For anyone just opening a professional food establishment, here is a list of the eight most essential cooking pans you will need.

Most professional kitchens prefer aluminum or stainless steal pots and pans. Industrial metal cookware is better for preparing food, safer to use, and lasts longer. When opening your business, there are specialized cookware that you might need for specific recipes. But there are standard pots and pans that should automatically be part of any commercialized food service provider.

1. Skillet

A skillet is used to cook a variety of menu food items in public dining facilities. Skillets are easy to use, retain heat well, and should be in every public kitchen. These multifunctional pans are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or wrought iron, and come in different sizes.

2. Sauce Pans & Saute Pans

Sauce pans have taller sides than sauté pans but are equally important. They are an important tool used to make sauces, gravies, glazes, dressing, custards, and other liquid accessories for main dishes or desserts. The pans easily and efficiently heat fast, distributing the temperature evenly throughout your contents. Sauce pans can also be used in smaller kitchens to cook stews, vegetables, and pasta.

Sauté pans are generally bigger than skillets and have taller sides. Most come with a lid. Sauté pans are great tools for making sauces or large dishes for bigger groups. The design prevents splashing of the food when stirring and these useful accessories also come with a lid.

3. Stock Pots

Every large commercial kitchen needs a big stock pot or two. These super size vessels are perfect for soups, stews, chili, pasta dishes, potatoes, and other large meals that are going to be fed to a bigger crowd. Stock pots are designed to have exceptional heat distribution qualities that allow meals to simmer for long periods.

4. Griddle

A grill is a wonderful device for making many breakfast woods including eggs, pancakes, hashbrown patties, and many types of meat including bacon, sausages, ham slices, steaks, hamburger patties, chicken, and fish. They also work perfectly to cook sandwiches, and frying onions or other vegetables. Griddles are very popular in major kitchen spaces because they are versatile and durable.

5. Frying Pans

Many foods, embellishments, and garnishes can be cooked in a frying pan. They are made of wrought iron, stainless steel or aluminum and come in a variety of sizes.

6. Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens have thick walls and come with a lid. They are generally used in commercial kitchens to cook potato or pasta dishes, meats, casseroles, and different desserts in an oven. They can also be placed over open flames. They are perfect for oven cooked recipes.

7. Wok

This pot is commonly used for stir fry recipes. However, they are also great instruments for deep frying foods, steaming vegetables, and smoking or braising meats and other delectable. Because of their shape and lid covering, they add more flavour to certain recipes than regular skillets.

Professional kitchens prepare many different recipes at all hours of the day and night. To cook the meals properly, they need the right tools. These pots and pans are the best appliances every kitchen should have.