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Top 7 Secrets You Can Learn from a Vehicle History Report


When you’re in the market for a used car – hey, in this economy, who can blame you? – a vehicle history report becomes your best friend almost immediately. It can tell you a wide array of things before you hand over $5,000 to a used car dealership or private seller on Craigslist or Kijiji. What exactly should you be looking for in an automobile history report?

Here are the top seven things a vehicle history report will tell you:

1. Title Transfers

As you skim through the vehicle history report, you will find title transfers. This tells you exactly how many previous owners there have been since the automobile was manufactured.

2. Reports of Fire Damage

Has the car ever been in a fire? Did the engine go up in flames? Whatever may or may not have occurred in the year 2005, you can learn of any reports of fire damage to the automobile.

3. Maintenance Records

This is perhaps the most important part of the vehicle history report: maintenance records. This will tell you how well the car has been maintained. Everything from oil changes to engine repairs, you should pay strict attention to these maintenance records. If it has barely been taken care of for the last 10 years then it isn’t worth to purchase.

4. Theft Data

Do you really want to buy a car that has been stolen at least three times? Nope. When you peruse the report, you can determine if the sedan, 4X4 or sports car has ever been stolen in its lifetime.

5. Recalls Issued by Manufacturer

Akin to maintenance, it is crucial to find out if there have ever been any recalls issued by the manufacturer, and if any of the previous owners abided by these recalls. If not then there could be serious problems in the future.

6. A Rental Vehicle?

Wait a minute…the vehicle you’re interested in selling was used as a rental car by a rental company? Well, it’s time to walk away. A vehicle history report will actually tell you if it has ever been utilized by car rental firms in this city or elsewhere.

7. Severe Accident History

If the used car you like has been in a serious head-on collision, a significant fender bender and even flipped over then the report will tell you. And if it does really outline all of these severe accidents then you must walk away. Remember, there is only so much an automobile can sustain. The next time you drive away from the parking lot or get into a fender bender, trouble could occur, and you don’t want to be that person.