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20 Hilarious Tweets That Every Married Man Can Relate To


Are You married? Well you know what? It doesn’t matter! This article is for everyone to read. We have compiled 20 of the funniest tweets that every married man can relate to.

Here we go..

1. Seems legit. Doesn’t it?

Source: @AdamBroud

Remember sexting before marriage? Too much fun..eh?

Well it boils down to this after marriage. Cheers to my married friends. 😉

2. You gotta give it to him!

Source: @Chumpstring

Really quirky I must say. This twitter handle really cracks me up every single time.

3. Well that’s a new word for you guys!

Source: @SaraMansford

You’ve got to take some time and admire the beautiful pun being used here by Sara.

4. Winners!

Source: @XplodingUnicorn

A bit sneaky but well, every parents deserve this kind of moment. #ProudParents

5. Relationship Goals. Indeed!

Source: @XplodingUnicorn

This is probably the best among the lot. James have found the ultimate truth. That if you’re married and men, you’re always wrong.

6. Oh No! Not again. I can be romantic sometimes babe.

Source: @TheBoydP

Don’t give surprise to your wife. You’ll get a surprise of your life. Just kidding 😉

7. Now there’s some reality check guys.

Source: @TheBoydP

Thanks! No really, Thanks. Wise words need to be appreciated.

8. This is amazing. Atleast she didn’t name the ‘counter’ for you.

Source: @amishschool

Every time! Every single time!

Are we really that stupid what the wives think we are? Just a thought.

9. Joey doesn’t share food! Well, he wasn’t married either.

Source: @amishschool

It’s simply hard to decipher what they want. Let’s leave it at that.

10. Truth is going to hurt. That’s what it does.

Source: @DanielRCarrillo

A bunch of times? Let’s be realistic here guys. A Million times maybe. #OkSorry

11. Cat be like,”Damn you humans!”

Source: @DrMikeLloyd

This cat needs simply needs to be trained to be “OUR” cat.

12. That’s New..

Source: @KentWGraham

Kudos! You’ve reached stage 2. Don’t even ask how difficult it’s gonna be than level 1.

13. Duh, yeah! She’s right maybe?

Source: @moooooog35

It’s this kind of one liners that I love. Simple but creative.

14. LOL #Sorry

Source: @wife_housy

 Well she’s right. We need to be less careless I guess.

15. You’re goddamned right!

Source: @simoncholland

10 years down the line of a married life and you’ve become just “man” from “The Man”. It is so true.

16. Grab that towel..wait..

Source: @_troyjohnson

You’re spot on Troy! It can’t get any right. Especially the “last bit” *coughs*.

17. # MarriedPeopleIssues

Source: @BlackCons4Truth

Get him the new glasses right away! You go girl!

18. That’s some meaning of the famous acronym

Source: @robdelaney

Every-time this cracks me up.

19. Wonder what happened next..

Source: @StellaGMaddox

Watch out guys. This can be your worst nightmare coming true. #LOL

20. There’s always a wrong way, Josh.

Source: @iwearaonesie

Not just milk. Even apples. I knew you won’t believe me? Even I didn’t before I read this.

Guys, Hope you had a good time reading these funny tweets from married men and a couple of women.

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