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4 Valuable Life Lessons Your Child Can Learn In Ballet


Classical ballet dancing has a lengthy and esteemed history that stretches back to the Italian Renaissance courts in the 1400s. In modern times, this type of dancing is often associated with little girls wearing pink tutus, but both boys and girls can benefit from taking a children’s dance class. Even if your child does not end up choosing to be a professional dancer, ballet classes can provide many physical and intellectual benefits.

1. It Teaches Discipline

Any type of class that focuses on productions and shows provides children with the basic fundamentals of public speaking and performance. Most classes start out by teaching children movements together before staging individual performances in class and then doing productions for the public. This gradual method helps even the shyest children to get used to being in front of a crowd.

Most children tend to have difficulty following instructions and sticking to a routine. Dance classes are fun and enjoyable, but the regimented movements and poses also help kids to gain a sense of direction and commitment. This form of dance provides a supportive and fun environment that teaches students how to listen to instructions, practice self discipline, and accept critical feedback.

2. It Improves Motor Skills

Children are still developing fine and gross motor skills that allow them to comfortably interact with the world around them. Ballet teaches coordination, balance, and flexibility, so it helps children to develop movement skills that will remain important for the rest of their lives. This newfound sense of physical control can help clumsy children to avoid constantly tripping, falling, and bumping into things.

3. It Gives Children a Chance to Enjoy Exercising

In modern times, parents often find that it is difficult to convince their children to stop watching television and playing video games. However, forcing a child to exercise makes them resent and dislike health physical behavior. Ballet builds strong muscles and improves endurance levels, and it starts teaching children at an early age that physical activity is fun and enjoyable instead of being a chore.

4. It Boosts Cultural Awareness

Due to its lengthy past, this type of dance provides children with a foundation in classical music, theater, and history. Children who learn dance are also learning about musical and theatrical classics that they would not otherwise be exposed to until high school. This early start allows children to be comfortable when discussing the arts later in life.