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5 Essential Tips Before You Get Plastic Surgery


Looking too grumpy? Want to ape a celebrity’s facade? Not happy about your feet?

For most of us, we are never satisfied with our appearance. We always think that our noses are too big or our chins are too weak, our breasts are too small or our rears are too large. They say that it is hopeless pleasing everybody at once, but it is hopeless pleasing ourselves.

Plastic surgery is big business – it generates billions of dollars every year in revenue – and it is a common practice all over the developed world. Whether it is necessary or not is entirely up to you, but your plastic surgeon will always go into detail and be honest about your decision.

As you sit down with a plastic surgeon and convey what you want done and why, your plastic surgeon will lean forward, tell you how it will be done and how much it will cost. He will also provide some necessary advice so the procedure goes off without any hiccups, or regrets.

Here are five pieces of advice your plastic surgeon will always give you:

1. Research the Procedure on Your Own

During the initial consultation meeting, the plastic surgeon will go through all of the details, procedures, tips and anything else related to the surgery. Once the meeting has come to an end, the plastic surgeon will always recommend that you study the procedure on your own.

The office will provide you with a list of websites, resources and documents to learn about what it all entails.

And, you know what? You should definitely do your due diligence in this important step.

2. Never Strive to Look Like a Star

It is true that many patients will walk into a plastic surgeon’s office and demand that they look like Scarlett Johannsson or Charlize Theron, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Chris Pratt.

Plastic surgeons often frown upon patients that use celebrities as their main reason for altering their own looks. Many plastic surgeons will go out of their way to suggest that you should never strive to look like a celebrity. Do you know why? Because it won’t happen.

3. Speak with a Loved One

Before you agree to go ahead with the treatment, you should first speak with a loved one. Even if you are not married, you should tell a family member or a close friend about what you’ll be doing. It is best to get support from someone you deeply care about. It’s a great comfort.

4. Know About the Recovery Process

If you think that a procedure involves waltzing into a clinic at lunchtime, going under the knife and then returning to work then you will be sadly mistaken.

Like any other kind of surgery, you will have a rigorous recovery process.

Simply put: you will need to be ready to take it easy, miss some time from work, avoid the sun, eat a balanced diet and have someone there to help and care for you. This is perhaps the most difficult part of getting plastic surgery: ensuring you properly heal from the procedure.

5. Take a ‘Cooling Off’ Vacation

Just before you shake hands and leave the office, the plastic surgeon will suggest that you take a so-called cooling off period. This is when the medical professional advises you to take at least 48 hours to completely make up your mind.

A cooling off vacation is a prudent piece of advice that any consumer should take, particularly something as important as plastic surgery.

Remember, you will be spending an exorbitant amount of money on something that is likely to be permanent. You always want to take that extra time to make sure you’re certain.

Thanks to considerable advancements in technology, anyone can book an appointment for plastic surgery. Also, thanks to these immense improvements in technology, many of the procedures are non-invasive. However, they still require some recovery time.

Plastic surgery is no small feat, and it should always be mulled over before diving head first.

Just because it is a lucrative business, not every plastic surgeon will neglect his patients. He will list the pros and cons, what you need to be prepared for and how you will look afterwards. And you should heed his advice.


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