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5 Ways to Bounce Back After Losing a Full-Time Job


One of the worst things to ever happen to a working professional is to lose your job. After three decades of working at the same private firm, you have been given the pink slip. This isn’t something you would wish on your biggest enemy or career rival. It’s a terrible ordeal.

As you peruse the job boards and submit applications without garnering a single response, you consider applying for a temp agency in order to land temp work to help pay the bills. You’re willing to take anything in any field as long as you can get a paycheque to put food on the table.There are numerous benefits for collaborating with a temp agency, including finding a job within a short period of time and perhaps even transitioning into a full-time position if you flourish.

You may fear that you will be put into an employment opportunity that doesn’t necessarily match your skillset. Whether you are an experienced marketing professional or a young professional with a degree in chemical engineering, you worry that you’ll be put into some call centre position. Although this may happen, temp agencies often connect you with an employer who wants a skilled, educated and knowledge worker who will get the tasks completed on time.

1. You Must Maintain an Open Schedule

When you are working with a temp agency, there is one thing you will quickly learn: you must maintain an open schedule. This is because temp organizations tend to call you when something in your area of expertise is needed, and this may happen on the weekend, on a weeknight or on a holiday. Your schedule must be flexible for the next little while.

2. Temp Agencies Get a Part of Your Pay

Temp agencies are the entities responsible for paying the workers they send to a business. They will charge the company a set hourly rate, collect taxes and then take a percentage from your paycheque. This may be hard to swallow, but they are in charge of getting you work. For instance, the company will pay $25 per hour for your services, but you will only receive $15 as the temp agency takes $10. The percentage is between 50 percent and 66 percent.

Temp agencies are investing a great deal of resources and time into finding work for you. Although they take a chunk of your pay, it is important to do your best at all times. With this attitude, you will represent the temp agency well – and perhaps garner other temp work – and maybe offered a full-time employment opportunity with the company.

3. Maximize Your Time at Each Temp Job

Let’s be honest: that temp job may not be your dream gig, which can make you feel despondent. However, like anything else in life, you have to make the most of any situation, good or bad. Therefore, you should maximize your time at each temp job, whether it is learning something new, networking with others or going above and beyond the call of duty.

Perseverance is a positive attribute for every human being. It is inside of you to succeed. Temp agencies provide a wealth of opportunities for every type of person: a young adult looking to gain some experience, an older professional who lost his job after 35 years or a college graduate wanting to get his foot in the door.

4. Never Embellish Your Skills or Education

Job seekers often make the mistake of embellishing their skills, education or overall resume. This is something that temp agencies want you to avoid entirely because if you can’t do a certain job then that reflects poorly on the company helping employers find the right employees.

Whether you just hold a high school degree or your knowledge of coding is minimal, you need to let this be on your CV or application. Honesty is always the best policy (see below).

5. Be Honest During the Interview

As you sit down for an interview with the temp agency, you will be asked a series of questions. It is of the utmost importance to always be honest throughout the interview. Temp agencies often have staff members who will check and double check your responses to find out if you fibbed.

You will be asked if you’re OK with answering to professional executives, if you can work in a busy environment or if you’re OK with wearing professional attire. Answer honestly!


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