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Help Those Who Can’t Help Themselves: 7 Amazing Charities You Can Contribute To


It is all of our duty to give back to the community, to help those not as fortunate or privileged as us. https://www.cbmcanada.org/ lists 7 charities you can help.


For as little as $25 Kiva.org lets you help an impoverished individual start their own business. What’s more interesting is that this is not a charity but a loan. So, after it is paid back, you may choose to keep it for yourself, or re-invest to help someone else. From a fisherwoman in Samoa to a grocer in Haiti, you could make a big difference in their lives.


FirstBook allows you to donate books to help a child from a low-income family learn to read. While student scholarships are available, the more immediate challenge is literacy since 80% of low-income families cannot access age-appropriate books for kids.

Changing the Present

Using this organization you can sponsor the training of two midwives in areas where medical health facilities are lacking. You can also donate 10 sanitary napkins, an essential item, for underprivileged Afghan girls. If you’d rather your money went to food or infrastructure, you can opt for that too.

Nothing but Nets

In areas where diseases like malaria are still endemic, Nothing but Nets tries to save over a million loves by providing nets that can protect whole families for up to 4 years. The bed nets are insecticide treated and can provide complete protection.

Doctors Without Borders

From Egypt to Africa, France to Angola, Doctors without Borders travel everywhere to provide care wherever needed. By donating, you will be contributing towards health care facilities, infrastructure, drugs vaccines and many more.

Trevor Project

Even now, a large percentage of the LGBTQ population find themselves stigmatized when found out by friends and families. The Project aims to rehabilitate these youths, provide them and their peers with education, and prevent suicides.


A specialist group for helping survivors of domestic abuse, Refuge helps women and children escape from these positions and slowly get back on their feet. Refuge supports about 3000 women and children daily.



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