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4 Ways to Be a Good Neighbour on Recycling Day


Recycle, reduce, reuse, and close the loop. We all remember that jingle from years ago. Unfortunately, as we get older, we have neglected that advice because we’re just so busy.

Let’s be honest: many households are doing a poor job of recycling. Fatigue, a paucity of time, a lack of knowledge or indifference are all factors contributing to our failure to regularly recycle.Another area that we don’t do a good job in: properly maintaining our outdoor recycling bins. Odours pile up, they get dirty and we tend to recycle things we shouldn’t. Eventually, as time passes by, our outdoor recycling cans become a burden to homeowners everywhere.

Don’t worry though. It is never too late to become a master in recycling. With a little bit of practice, a slight reallocation of time and some dedication, you can improve upon your recycling ways.Here are four tips to properly maintain your outdoor recycling bins:

1. Hide Your Recycling Bins

For non-collection days, you don’t necessarily want to see your recycling bins. It isn’t a nice look to leave your recycling bins in front of your house or at the curb.

Instead, you have to hide your recycling bins, and the obvious location to store them until collection day is in the garage. Another good place is in the backyard shed or perhaps next to your side door.

2. Clean Out the Cans on Collection Day

Once the cans have been emptied by the municipality, you should take the time to clean out the cans to prevent the buildup of spills, sloshes and messes. It won’t take too long, either. All you need to do is grab a Lysol wipe or some Mr. Clean and scrub away the mess. By doing this, you make your outdoor recycling cans last longer and avoid a terrible odour (see below).

3. Establish a List of What Can be Recycled

Since we often make the mistake of recycling things we shouldn’t and not recycling things that we should, it would be a wise idea to establish a full list of what can be recycled. No, you don’t need to list every single item that is found in a grocery store. The simple measure is to list items that you regularly use (cans, soda bottles, jars, etc.) and if they can be recycled or not.

This makes the whole thing easier, and will likely encourage you to start recycling.

4. Don’t Let Can Odours Form

Unfortunately, whether it is your trash can or your recycling can, odours will form. That is, unless you act now so that future odours won’t crop up and leave a bad taste in your mouth. How can you do this exactly? Add some dryer sheets, pour a bit of kitty litter, add some holes to the can, don’t miss a collection day and just wipe it down once in a while.By incorporating these steps into your recycling routine, you can save money down the line in not having to purchase a new outdoor recycling bin.

At a time when we waste so much, recycling has never been so important. Despite growing up with that catchy aforementioned jingle, we have neglected to do our part to help the environment. You don’t have to be a tree hugger or a raw veganist to recycle, but just someone who understands that a small dent can do a lot in the end.

Outdoor recycling cans are that small dent that can help you, your neighbour and your planet. In a way, those cans, no matter how smelly they may get or how much of a burden they become, you are keeping the earth healthy and happy. You’ll feel better doing it.


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