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8 Common Myths About Wood Floors


There are many myths that surround the topic of wood floors. If you are thinking about installing wood floors in your home, or are buying or renting a home with wood floors, you may have some questions and might even believe some things about wood floors that aren’t true. Read on to learn the most common myths about wood floors.

1. Wood floors are hard to maintain.

It’s actually very easy to take care of wood flooring. Just sweep, vacuum (with the beater bar turned off), or dust mop the floors regularly.

Avoid steam mops and wet mops; too much water can damage the wood or dull the finish over time. Clean up spills immediately.

If the floor starts to look a little dull, use a wood flooring cleaner to give it back its shine. Ask your floor covering store for a recommendation.

2. Wood floors are expensive.

The cost up front might be more than other options, but when you factor in long-term costs, wood flooring is one of the most cost-effective options. Wood floors can last for hundreds of years if they’re properly installed, while other flooring options will need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years.

Wood floors are a fantastic long-term investment.

3. Wood floors show dust and dirt more than other floor options.

Wood floors show dust and dirt more than other floor options. While partially true, there’s also a benefit to why dust and dirt are a bit more obvious on wood floors compared to other flooring types. The dirt and dust is easy to see and take care of, which greatly improves the air quality indoors, and the wood doesn’t harbour mold, animal dander, and dust like other flooring.

4. Engineered wood floors aren’t real wood.

Engineered wood floors actually are real wood; they are made using multiple layers of wood composite veneers or wood. Engineered wood flooring is all wood except for the glue that holds the veneers together, and the finish that is applied to the top surface. Once installed, engineered wood floors and solid wood floors look the same.

5. Wood floors make a room feel cold.

Contrary to this myth, the truth is that wood floors can provide both aesthetic warmness and insulating warmness to a room. Wood has great insulating ability, 10 times more than aluminum or steel, and five times more than cinder blocks or concrete. When you have wood floors, they will hold onto the heat from your radiant heat or HVAC heating system,w which will increase the total warmth of the room.

6. Buying wood flooring depletes forests.

If you buy from a manufacturer that uses sustainable forest management, the wood is harvested with a very minimal impact on the environment. In addition, because wood floors last hundreds of years, they will use fewer raw materials, natural resources, and energy over the time

7. Wood floors scratch easily.

Wood flooring is basically the only flooring option that you can repair to make look new again. Scratches, for the most part, occur in the finish an not the wood. To repair this you just need to lightly abrade the existing finish and then apply a new coat.

For deeper scratches, the floor itself can be sanded and refinished.

To minimize scratches, use throw rugs at all entryways from the outdoors, clip your pet’s nails, put felt pads on furniture legs, and don’t walk on floors in sports cleats or high heels without good soles.

8. Wood floors aren’t a good choice for people with pets and/or small children.

Different woods have different hardness and durability, so if you have kids and/or pets, choose one with a higher hardness and durability to reduce the signs of wear and tear.


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