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6 Types of Steel Buildings You Will Find Around You

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Steel and metal buildings are becoming increasingly common in metal types. Versatility in their use has seen a significant rise in their use. www.futurebuildings.com talks of the most common types of steel buildings.


Flickr/ SteelMaster Buildings

One of the most popular uses of pre-engineered steel building is in garages. Metal is not prone to decay, and is much easier to guard against leaks and damp. They can withstand high winds and unfavorable elements, and come pre-optimized by engineers. Thus, high-valued vehicles can be assured of safety.


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Your private workshop can be used for anything. However, this very versatility means that the panels will be exposed to different types of elements, and to different degrees. For example, if your work includes a lot of corrosive chemicals, your wood and lumber building will eventually feel the burn. Your steel workshop, however, was designed for this very thing.

Commercial Buildings

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Business owners often need large scale commercial buildings for storage/expansion. Steel buildings are easy to install, durable and can be erected very quickly. Due to the nature of steel, you do not need to break up your space with poles and beams and can have an open span design, thus, lending you extra space.

Agricultural Buildings

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Animals, produce, fodder, hay, seeds, are all kept in one building in most farms. Farmers need to ensure the health of all of these items and thus, the risk of exposure to unfavorable elements must be minimized. Steel buildings are especially efficient at this. Moreover, the wear and tear that wood may suffer due to animal activity is absent here leading to a higher economic value.

Residential Building

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More and more home owners are now opting to use metal and steel in their designs. Steel is, of course, much sturdier than wood, and its unique properties lend it much easier to craft into desirable shapes. Ease of installation and cost savings also add to this demand.

Aviation Buildings

Airplanes require large open spaces in order to fit. Beams and poles must not cramp this space since this would mean the plane could not fir. Steel is the most practical for this construction. In fact, the US Department of Defense mandates that all government hangers must be constructed from metal.


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