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5 Common Etiquettes You Should Follow at the Hair Salon


Letting your stylist know what type of cut, style, and/or colour you want at your next appointment isn’t as seamless as you may anticipate it to be in your head. Though you may come to the salon with an Instagram example, or more old-school magazine clipping, your stylist and you may be on a completely different page about what the reality of that is for your own persona.

These expert tips will help you to better communicate with your hairstylist so that you walk out of the salon happy; and your stylist will know they did the best job possible serving your needs as a client.

1. Read Salon Reviews Before You Book the Appointment

Are you new to an area and not sure what salon to go to? If you don’t have girlfriends to give you recommendations about a salon, use review applications or websites in your area to discover the best quality for the best prices. Identify what factors are important to you about a salon before you book the appointment. Should it be convenient to drive to?

Do you want to work with a stylist closer to your age? Should they be available on the weekend or after work hours? Atmosphere can indicate a lot about an appointment’s potential outcome! Trust your intuition when it comes to choosing a new salon when you’re uncertain. Your gut may just lead to your next great hairdo!

2. Go for Consultations Before You Book the Appointment

Don’t be afraid to get to know your stylist before you make the change you want! It’s important you feel comfortable talking to your stylist in a real way. You shouldn’t feel the need to feed around the bush when it comes to telling your stylist the way you want to look at the end of your appointment.

If you feel hesitant discussing what styles work or don’t work for your hair, or what you want to work, maybe you need to rethink who you’re seeing. Connecting with your stylist is more important than you realize. You should be able to trust them and their vision for your look. A good consultation is like a good first date. You’ll know right away whether or not you want to book that second appointment!

3. Be Prepared to Adjust Your Headspace

Though you may have a certain style in mind, what really ends up on your head is going to look different than what it looks like on a model or celebrity’s head. Remember, you are not that model or celebrity. If it were as easy as showing a magazine clipping or Instagram posting, we’d all look like our beauty role models in a hurry.

Show your stylist your example, but be prepared in your head to put in the effort and make changes according to how it will look on you. It may take several appointments to go from brunette to a movie star’s platinum blonde, for example. You both need to be open-minded in order for you to see the results you want. Good things take time and effort. Communication is key!

4. Be Open to Trying Salon Products

There is no denying the quality of products at the hair salon! These products are chosen by experts to provide your hair the TLC it needs to maintain your look after your appointments. Your stylists are trying to make money, sure, but they’re also working to maintain client relationships. They wouldn’t recommend a product if it weren’t going to help nourish, grow, or enhance your hair quality.

Don’t be too quick to say no to the salon products that are out of your normal target budget. If you’ve ever heard the saying “you get what you pay for,” but haven’t explored it beyond hearing it, it’s time to be enlightened by a stylist. You will never regret a salon product. If you put money into the appointment, but don’t work to maintain the quality, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

5. Correct Issues Before You Go

Let your stylist know what went well, and what could be worked on before you leave. If they left your bangs long, but you want a shorter fringe, tell them instead of calling later to complain. You’re only hurting yourself going home unsatisfied. It’s best to correct the problem while you’re still at the salon. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Enjoy your next appointment and remember to thank your stylist for the hard work they do to make you feel and look your best! Styling is no easy job, but it is so rewarding to see the direct positive effect that good work has on clients.


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