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Take Your Pick: 10 Types of Office Photocopiers


There are many different choices when it comes to office photocopiers. How you choose will depend on how much you have to spend and your business printing needs.

1. Desk-top printers

These are the cheapest office printers on the market. Their advantage is cost and size. Everybody in the office can have a desk-top printer and do their own printing right there without ever having to get up.

2. Portable printers

These are small and efficient office printers that you can take home or on the road with you. They are great for traveling and often small enough, or can collapse, that you can fit them into your luggage.

3. Black and white printers

The most basic of all office printers, the black and while office photocopier is fairly cheap to buy and relatively simple to operate. Unless you have a specialized need for colour brochures or documents, this is the one for you.

4. Laser printers

Laser office printers use a light source to project an image onto a rotating drum. Then they transfer toner to the paper. They are fast and reliable. Their upside is that they are relatively cheap to operate. The downside is that they are expensive to buy.

5. LED printers

LED office printers are very similar to laser printers in both cost and how they operate. LED printers use a light-emitting diode array as a light source in the print head instead of the laser used in laser printers. Like laser printers they are less expensive than some other printers.

6. Inkjet printers

Inkjet office printers are suitable for some small businesses and they work by squirting liquid ink through a pinhead. This type of printer is cheap to buy and can be useful for printing documents with graphics.

7. Colour printers

If you have a regular need for colour documents like brochures and promotional material with lots of graphics, you might need a colour printer. They are expensive to buy and the toner for the individual colours makes them costly to operate as well.

8. Networking printers

Almost all new office printers will come with some networking capacity, but it’s important to make sure that any new printer can be so that is not really a choice anymore. Most businesses connected via wireless or Bluetooth connections.

9. All in One printers

Now we are getting to the bigger and better section of office printers and the ones that many modern workplaces are choosing because they meet all of their needs in one place. All in one office printers can print, scan and send documents to a USB, e-mail folders or a cloud.

10. Specialized printers

This type of office printer might be called for if you have an extremely high volume or need extra finishing work. This might include collating or bundling large volume printing jobs or being the main office photocopier station for the whole office.