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5 Legal Benefits of Working With a Criminal Lawyer


If you’ve been charged with a serious offence and may face time in prison, you’re going to need a very good criminal lawyer to help you get the best possible outcome. Do not face this alone because you will not stand a chance. With a lawyer’s help and advice, you can get a good outcome under the circumstances. Let’s take a look at what to expect with the help of a criminal lawyer.

1. Plea Bargain

A criminal defence lawyer will be able to work with you as well as the prosecutor to try and come up with some kind of deal. This deal is known as a plea bargain. This is important because there’s a possibility of reducing some of the charges or reducing your sentence and on some occasions, it’s even possible to dismiss all the charges brought against you. A prosecutor is highly unlikely to negotiate with a defendant with no legal representation.

2. Ideal Sentencing Program

A lawyer can help you with your sentence so that it’s a better outcome for you. For example, you are found guilty and sentenced to 12 months in prison for a drug charge. The lawyer can help to make this sentence into 7 months and that you attend a drug rehabilitation program for 5 months. This would be a better outcome for you, one that you would jump at, since jail time is reduced and it also gives you the opportunity to improve yourself.

3. Understanding The Complexities

A good defence lawyer, especially one with experience and a good track record, can help to explain the complexities of your case. The law is complicated and is beyond most people. A lawyer will take the time to explain the case and what the possible outcomes will be. They will then explain what the best course of action is. In addition, they can also help you deal with your emotions. What you’re going through will be hard on you and they can help you through this rough patch both legally and emotionally.

4. Explain Legal Rules

On your own, you will never know about certain rules and regulations. For example, if the police searched your apartment but had no right to do so, this would have a favourable outcome for you. Even if they found something on you, the judge will not allow this evidence as it was not obtained properly.

5. Getting Evidence & Statements

Imagine if you represented yourself and went to speak with witnesses who will be called by the prosecution. Do you think they would talk to you, the accused? Your lawyer, on the other hand, can do this and witnesses are more likely to speak with the attorney.

In addition, lawyers can handle all the paperwork and file things in a timely manner. They may also know the prosecutor and the judge and can possibly work out a lesser charge. The best thing you can do if you’re charged is to find a good lawyer as soon as possible. This is not something you want to leave till later.


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