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4 Dancing Techniques That Will Make You a Pro


One of the greatest things about dance is that individuals at any skill level can enjoy it. Regardless of your current level or what your goals are, there many things that you can do to improve and grow your dancing.

Below are some top tips on how to improve your dancing at any level.

1. Take a one-on-one class with your instructor

Having a private lesson allows you and your instructor to focus only on your movements without the normal distractions of a regular sized classroom. In this session, the instructor can break down the dance into small details and focus on factors such as increasing flexibility, movement speed or facial expressions. These details will make a large impact on your performance. Having the opportunity to learn at a dance school and improve your problem areas will greatly enhance your level of dance.

A one-on-one session is also a great opportunity for your instructor to slow down and emphasize their movements that will allow you to learn by example. Having the technique, or an entire choreography, slowed down makes you see the difference in movement between you and your instructor. You can apply these differences into your movements to enhance your technique.

2. Focus on technique

With any style of dance you are practicing, it is crucial to master the basics before you expand your technique. Maybe you are practicing Latin Dance and working towards perfecting the salsa 4 steps, once you’ve mastered the foundation you can create a more complex routine, bring in other styles and dance to any music.

One way to perfect the basics is to ensure that all details of your movements are correct. Slow down and critique each movement with your instructor. As mentioned, it is the small details of your dance that require the most attention.

Some problem areas that all dancers face include pointing toes, soft hands and quick interchange between movements. Improving these fundamental techniques will greatly change and enhance your skill level.

3. Be aware of your facial expression

Though technique is crucial, it is not the only factor to a great performance. A dancer with a great smile or passionate routine will be remembered for their performance regardless of if their technique is perfect. What makes a truly great dancer is the combination of technique and expression.

It may feel weird or even fake, but a great tactic is to practice overemphasizing your facial expressions. For routines that are upbeat and energetic, focus on your smile or for a more dramatic performance, realize which expression portrays the passion of your dance. The audience can see the difference between a performer with or without strong facial expressions.

4. Perform

As with all things, practice makes perfect. Dance at every available opportunity. Change your audience and try new styles, practice the basics, and focus on technique. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become.

When you do not have the space to practice a routine, visualize it and go through the movements in your mind. Continuously picture yourself on stage, listen to the music and think about your dancing. This will keep all movements fresh in your mind making you aware of your strengths and areas for improvement.

Whether you are performing for a large audience or for yourself in front of the mirror, every time you dance you will strengthen and improve your skill level.

Apart from the above tips, some key factors to improving your dance level include stretching, maintaining a healthy diet, and trying new styles. Lastly, the most important tip to improving your skill level is to be passionate and energetic every time you dance. Enjoy dancing!