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5 Packaging Supplies You Need for Moving Homes


Packing, unpacking, cleaning, sorting, repeating are the dreaded steps of moving that everyone experiences. Moving is often very strenuous, tiring, and lengthy process. There are steps that you can take such as having a great system or a team of helpers to make moving easier and more efficient.

However, a great first step to creating a smooth moving process is to ensure that you have the right supplies. Along with the obvious packing tape and boxes, having organizational moving supplies can make packing and unpacking a much easier process.

Here are the top supplies you might have forgotten about:

1.) Box Labels

A great tip is to label everything as you pack it. With so much stuff, it is hard to keep track of what is what. It is often helpful to purchase categorized labels, which can also become your guide to the packing process. Additionally, look to purchase labels in a variety of sizes so you can easily read the contents of each moving box. This small purchase will become crucial once unpacking and organizing begins.

2.) Moving Straps

With packing being the main focus of the moving process, it is easy to forget about transportation. Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, you need to keep all objects that are attached to your vehicle safe. Purchase a variety of moving straps to keep objects of any size or weight safely stowed in a trunk or trailer. Moving straps are also beneficial for keeping storage safe if you are not unpacking immediately.

3.) Mattress Covers

As moving is already an expensive and difficult task, you do not want to risk damage to any of your belongings. Mattress covers are an easy and inexpensive preventative solution to keeping your mattresses safe from the dirt, objects, and hands that it is exposed to during this moving process. As you do not require a box, another benefit to a mattress cover is that it does not accumulate any additional space. You can purchase these for single or multiple uses.

4.) Box Dividers

To stay organized, you might keep similar objects in the same box, such as a kitchen set or living room figurines. However, it is necessary that you protect these items from breaking. Often newspaper is used for protection around objects, though it can become bulky and take up a lot of room in a box.

Box dividers provide protection while using minimum space. They are thin and sturdy cardboard pieces that provide complete protection. These allow you to pack breakables in the same box keeping you organized.

5.) Packing Tape Dispenser

The amount of tape that is used while moving calls for some help. Save yourself from continuously ripping tough tape with your fingers or teeth and purchase a packing tape dispenser. A dispenser will allow for ease of use and will immediately make you more efficient by saving time, pain, and also reduces the amount of tape used.

Having these mentioned items, along with the staples of moving, such as boxes and tape, will create a much more relaxed and organized move. Both packing and unpacking will become more doable and even enjoyable if you are organized. A few other tips to make your move as smooth as possible are to keep things clean, make a checklist before packing and after unpacking and keep labeling all boxes.

A great thing about investing in moving and packaging supplies is that they are reusable and mainly recyclable. Purchasing a variety of supplies is a great step to ensuring a smooth move.


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