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4 Ways to Deal With Insurance Companies After An Accident


Dealing with insurance companies is never fun, especially when you’re injured. Without the proper tools and preparation, it’s incredibly easy to get overwhelmed by the whole process. Here are five things you need to remember when dealing with insurance companies.

1. Don’t Take It Personally

The first step for surviving any litigation process is not taking anything that happens personally. You’ll wait on hold for hours, and you’ll have to deal with snarky representatives, but it’s important not to let the negative experiences shake you. Often people end up getting so frustrated with the entire process they end up yelling or being mean to the insurance claim adjuster. Being aggressive or mean will get you nowhere in this process. In fact, it may cause people to be less willing to help move your case forward. Staying calm and focused will benefit you more in the long run.

2. Find A Quality Accident Lawyer

A quality accident lawyer will help ease the process of the dealing with the insurance company. Accident lawyers help you ensure all the necessary paperwork is filed and that your case stays compliant with all regulations. Using a lawyer as a resource also allows you to create demands that are much more likely to be accepted.

Using an accident attorney during the litigation process is crucial to protecting yourself. Sometimes the other insurance company will send you a release to sign under the guise of that it’s “just for their records.” Many times signing these releases allows the opposing side to gain access to your confidential records, which they’ll use to help build their case. Consulting with an accident lawyer will help you avoid common traps during the insurance claim process.

3. Always Immediately Seek Medical Attention

As soon as the accident happens, you need to see a doctor. Even if you don’t feel injured, seeing the doctor is the best first move after any incident where you need to file an insurance claim. Seeing a doctor creates a legal precedence for your injury and acts as a form of evidence. Make sure you see a regular, licensed MD after your accident. Many judges and juries may hesitate to recognize legal documentation from alternative health practitioners.

4. Spend Time Gathering Information

Taking your case into your own hands gives you the best chance at winning. The more you help your lawyer prepare for the case, the better chance you have at winning. Lawyers are trained to use questions to pull as much information out of you as possible, saving them the effort of having to do this makes preparing your case much easier.

If possible, bring pictures of the accident scene. If you didn’t take pictures immediately after, it’s still good to have pictures of the area for general reference. You should also try and find witnesses who might be able to testify to what happened. You can take statements from theses people along with their name and phone numbers and provide them to your lawyer. Putting in a bit of extra effort to find people, pictures or video to support your version of the events goes a long way into helping you win your case.

All in all, preparation is key to surviving the insurance litigation process. Finding a good accident lawyer will help protect you from common mistakes and make your preparation efforts more effective. Remember not to take anything during the process personally. Although being kind and courteous is tough after months of dealing with the same case, it goes a long way to making people more likely to help you. Stay calm and focused, and you’ll make it through!


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