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3 Attractive Colours For Your Home Flooring


Floors are a primary and expensive accessory to any room. The right hardwoods can bring out the best in the room, creating a breathtaking space that compliments the rest of the decor. But the wrong floor colour can be disastrous; creating a cluttered, unmatched, and unattractive area.

The wood flooring should be a contrast from the rest of the room’s shades, not a matching colour. Using similar or the same tones from top to bottom will only make the room look bland and cluttered. The shade should also compliment the room, not stand out because it is ill-matching with the rest of the accessories.

Hardwoods are an investment that could be very costly if the wrong type and hue are chosen. With so many shades available, it is not always easy to choose the perfect hue for your home. Room size, colour, texture, and furniture style, ceiling height influence the hue of your flooring. The wood stain falls under three categories: light, dark, and coloured. When selecting hardwood flooring, consider these tips to help you choose the right tint for your space.

1. Light Coloured Flooring

Light hardwoods are a great foundation floor shade that you can easily build on when designing a room. The natural wood look creates a classic style in any home.

Light coloured hardwoods are best in small rooms or areas with limited natural lighting. Darker shades in these spaces will make the area appear smaller and very gloomy.

Lighter tints should be used if the walls are painted in a darker colour. This will create an attractive between the flooring and walls.

Lighter hardwood panels also work well if you’re trying to cover scratches or small dents. Because they are great at hiding dirt, lighter floors are perfect for high traffic areas.

2. Dark Coloured Floors

Dark coloured hardwood floors work well with different colour schemes in furniture or wall tones. However, they should be avoided if the wooden furniture in room is also is also dark. The darker tones can be very formal looking, but they can also add a genuine warmth to a room.

The darker hues are perfect for larger rooms because they are the main focal point of the room. In larger spaces, the floor is the first place the eyes will go so a darker tone will naturally bring out the room’s character.

Dark wood tones are also better suited for rooms with high ceilings or light-coloured walls. The darker flooring and lighter walls create a contemporary, stylish look.

3. Bold Coloured Floors

Coloured flooring, like different shades of red or black, adds stylish character to a room or space. Coloured hardwoods look great in offices or other public spaces because the bold shades create a contemporary style. Coloured hardwood floors look great in urban condominiums, artistic studios, and chic, modern living spaces.

Hardwood floors are still one of the most popular types of flooring material in most interior areas. The vast selection of colour, size, style, and materials, make these floor types the best choice for many public and private spaces. Picking the right shade and style of hardwoods can compliment your room by creating a perfect contrast with the rest of the decor.

But the wrong colouring can make a room look cluttered, gloom, and unmatched. Knowing how to pick the right colour of floor boards for your place will save you time, money, and stress. Many stores and websites offer virtual design tools to help select the perfect shade for your areas.


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