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5 Design Guidelines to Make Your POP Displays Stand Out


A Point-Of-Purchase (or POP display) can be an incredibly effective tool in marketing retail products in your store. Incredibly, it is sometimes not used as often as it should be. You may have seen these near the checkout area but it can be used in other areas too. It’s a great tool to draw a customer’s attention.

POP displays normally highlight one product or one vendor’s products. These retail display shelving and fixtures tend to be pretty eye-catching which is why they work so well. Here are some tips for using retail POP displays to your advantage.

1. Eye-Catching

A POP display has to be eye-catching. Customers must be intrigued enough to be drawn to it when they see it from a distance. Their curiosity in what is being offered can lead to sales which is the bottom line. They must highlight your brand in a memorable way. The more unique and attention-grabbing, the better.

2. Strange Or Eccentric

If you came up with a design that was somewhat strange or eccentric, it has a tendency to work. People are fascinated by something like this, so they tend to want to know a little more.

Even if they don’t, they will do a double take and will most likely remember it. It is therefore memorable and you’ve succeeded in grabbing their attention. Remember, when designing or using a POP display, the sky is the limit, so don’t just settle for a plain old boring box.

3. Use Display With Coupons

You can incorporate the use of coupons with your retail POP display, thus making it a little more interactive. Place coupons with your display that customers can use right there and then. If they don’t, they could take it back and come back another day to use it. This can drive sales up. As a business, you could keep track of this campaign by seeing how many coupons were taken and how many were redeemed.

4. Rotation

One thing you don’t want is for your POP display to get stale or blend in with the surroundings to the point of becoming unnoticeable. Returning customers will keep seeing it to a point where they don’t notice it any more.

By rotating your displays, you keep things from going stale. Study your stores metrics and come up with a suitable timeframe so that you can rotate displays after a certain number of days. A little bit of tweaking and experimenting will help you to come up with some specifics that is suitable for the store.

5. High Quality Print

The POP display plays an important role, so do what it takes to get it right. The use of high quality printing is a must. The display material must also be high quality. The products within the display must be easy to grab and not pose a problem. Any sales copy must be clear and bold. The use of certain colours can also enhance the display. It’s well known in the business industry that certain colours perform better and drive more sales and traffic.

Placing POP displays at the checkout works very well. As customers wait in line, their eyes naturally wander. If a product is easily accessible just as they are about to pay, they may make a split-second decision and throw in an item from a POP display into their cart. It’s not just the design, but placement as well. Together, it can skyrocket sales.


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