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5 Simple Tools Every Plumber Should Have


There are many skills that the modern person needs to have, and plumbing is one of the more useful ones for anyone. Where do you begin when looking to start your education on basic plumbing, though? Well, hopefully this blog post will be a good start, as we will be discussing the basic tools that every new plumber should have!

1. Adjustable Pipe Wrench

An adjustable pipe wrench is a priceless tool to have when plumbing. You do not want to find yourself with a stubborn pipe, bolt, or nut that simply refuses to move and not have one of these. The way that the adjustable jaw is designed allows the teeth of the wrench to lock onto the object you are trying to loosen and grows tighter whenever force is applied. This makes the entire process so much easier for you, and makes it a must have for any plumber.

2. Hacksaw

When working with pipes, a good, trusty hacksaw can make an entire world of difference. Sure, they are primarily used for cutting screws, nuts, and bolts, however they are perfect for cutting down a piece of PVC pipe to perfectly fit your needs. Most hacksaws are quite easy to use and are able to reach most places with ease. You can even detach the blade to give the saw a bit more mobility, if needed. This makes it an ideal tool for working in tight spaces.

3. Tongue and Groove Pliers

Let’s say that you need to hold something really tight, but your bare-handed grip simply is not cutting it. This is when you grab a pair of these life savers that allow you to hold most objects such as nuts and bolts in place with ease. They are perfect for small items that need to be twisted, loosened, tightened, or pulled that your fingers are not cut out for. This tool is great for plumbing, and may come in handy in future home renovations and fixes.

4. The Plunger

Next on this lovely list is a familiar tool: the plunger. Plumbing tools do not get simpler than this, and it certainly deserves a spot on this list. The amount of crises that have been averted using this cheap tool must be staggering. While it isn’t a sure-fire solution for every clog, it will fix most blockages and possibly save your entire day. This is one tool that must be in every plumber’s arsenal.

5. Plumber’s Snake (or Hand Auger)

As wonderful as plungers are, sometimes they just are not enough. That is the precise moment that you bring in this entry on the list. The snake will most likely be able to remove any unwanted obstructions that are plaguing your toilets, showers, or sinks. Just simply slide the long, steel cable down the pipe until you feel the resistance of the clog, and give the snake a consistent twist until the blockage is cleared. A snake can sure save a lot of headache when dealing with larger pipe clogs.

Whether you are a new plumber or a seasoned professional, each of these tools can be of great use to you. Many issues can arise with interior plumbing, and not all of them will be an easy fix, but these tools will most likely fix a fair amount of any issues you will have. Of course, there is no shame in throwing in the towel and calling a true professional plumber if the issue goes beyond your experience. In fact, it may just be a better solution to go that route in most cases.


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