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4 Pet Insurance Guidelines for Your Dog


The question of pet insurance is a very tricky one. The fact of the matter is, it all depends on you and a large slice of luck, good and bad. There isn’t a yes or no answer to this. Some people swear by it while others don’t think it is worth it.

There are also many things to take into consideration regarding pet insurance for your dog. One way to get some advice would be to speak to your veterinarian and listen to what he or she has to say. Here are some tips regarding pet insurance for your dog.

1. What Is It?

Just like health insurance for humans, pet insurance helps to pay medical bills for your dog. This is a very expensive industry. There are many companies available with different policies and coverage. Every month, depending on what you have chosen, a certain amount is deducted from you to pay for the insurance.

If your dog has to go into the vet, or if it needs a surgery, you will receive a certain percentage back. The only thing is, you still have to pay the vet bill up front and then you send in your claim. After a few days or weeks, you will be reimbursed a certain percentage, for example, 80%.

2. Do Your Research

The best advice you can have is to take your time and do lots of research on it. This is a serious consideration either way, so don’t rush into it. There are certain things that will be covered and other things that may not be. You need to look through several companies to find something suitable for your budget.

The problem is, there are so many points to consider. For example, does your dog have a pre-existing condition? It may not be covered for that. Then again, your dog may have lots of trouble with this condition and you won’t receive a penny back.

3. Every breed is different

Certain breeds are prone to certain problems, so whatever breed you have, you need to look deeper into this. Some breeds such as the Siberian husky puppies may be easier for certain types of dog owners to raise. If you want your dog to have coverage for many things, that’s not a problem – you just need to pay for it! As you can see, there could be three good things about a policy and one bad point and vice versa for another policy. It can be a difficult decision because you will find it hard to find perfection.

4. Know Yourself, Your Dog And Policy

What kind of dog do you have? What kind of things do you like to do with your dog? Are you someone who is quiet and just wants a dog for company and quiet walks? Are you very outgoing and take your dog everywhere? If you are quiet, your dog will probably also have a quiet life, other than being naughty and cute at home. If you’re the adventurous sort, you will let your dog run free with other dogs in parks, throw sticks into the sea and things of this nature. As you can see, different scenarios will require different plans. One dog is going to be less prone to accidents while the other could break its leg.

The best thing to do is to wait while you research and find a plan that you think will be suitable. You can even let a couple of years go by initially, but as the dog gets older, there will be illnesses later on. So wait a bit and while your dog is still relatively young and healthy, perhaps 3 or 4 years old, then seriously start considering insurance at that point.


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