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4 Benefits of Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens


Pizza is a popular food with many people getting enjoyment from making their own and eating it. As a result, backyard ovens have become increasingly popular with homeowners being able to make delicious, homemade pizza with their families or at parties hosted at their houses.

While electric or gas-fired pizza ovens are enjoyed by many and are capable of producing some great-tasting pizza, many agree that there is nothing that comes close to a pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. If you are in the market to purchase an outdoor pizza oven for your home, you cannot go wrong with one that is wood-fired.

1. Flavour

Pizzas made in gas or electric ovens taste almost identical with people not being able to tell what type of oven it was made in. A majority of pizza-lovers enjoy wood-fired pizza ovens because of the unique and delicious taste they deliver time and time again. These types of ovens make pizzas that offer a crisp, smoke-flavoured taste that is impossible to replicate with any other type of pizza oven. The taste can be altered noticeably with the type of wood that is used in the cooking process, giving the opportunity to make different pizzas with various types of wood to determine taste preferences.

Wood-fired pizza ovens are renowned for cooking crust that is crispy yet chewy and toppings on the pizza are baked as opposed to being melted into the top of the pizza itself, resulting in the ability to better taste each separate and distinct ingredient.

2. Cooking advantages

Wood-fired pizza ovens are an appealing option because of the cooking advantages they offer. If you are like most people who do not like to wait long if you are hungry, these types of pizza ovens are perfect. Ovens at pizza restaurants can cook a pizza at 375 to 425 degrees Celsius and a typical conventional oven in a home can cook one at around 250 degrees Celsius. These types of pizza ovens can take 30 minutes to preheat and about 10 minutes to cook the pizza.

Since the heat stored in the oven walls after a fire is lit on a wood oven, the pizza is able to cook extremely quickly, usually in 2 to 3 minutes. The heat is spread evenly throughout the oven which leads to a better-tasting pizza as opposed to one cooked in a gas or electric oven that can have hot and cool spots throughout.

3. Saves energy

Gas, electric, and propane prices have increased dramatically over the past few years and as a homeowner you want to do whatever it takes to saves on these types of costs. With wood-fired pizzas the only energy source is heat from the fire. This results in a more eco-friendly fuel methods as trees can be replaced and emissions from the oven are not harmful to the environment. Using this type of oven will allow you to save on energy costs by not resorting to using your conventional or gas oven indoors as much.

4. Other uses

While wood-fired ovens are effective in cooking great-tasting pizza enjoyed by many, they are also popular because they can be used to cook many other things. Owners of wood-fired ovens can also use it to cook other foods such as bread, meats, and vegetables. Like the pizza, the wood used will give these foods a unique, smokier flavor that does not disappoint many who taste them.

Cooking foods especially vegetables over an open flame allows them to retain their nutritional properties as those cooked in other types of ovens draw out the cooking process and at the end of it, not much taste and nutrients remain.