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5 Ways to Legally Protect Yourself After a Serious Injury


A slip and fall injury can damage your life. Whether it is your arm or your leg, a slip and fall can leave you sidelined for as long as a year, costing you plenty of money in the long run. Before you know it, your bank account has dwindled to single digits, and you’re unsure what to do. You don’t want this to be you, or even your worst enemy.

That said, following the incident, it is imperative to legally protect yourself. Otherwise, should you do all the wrong things, you could strip yourself of any entitlements that could be coming your way. Everything from filing a claim too late to admitting guilt, you need to employ the proper legal procedures so the property owner cannot get off scot-free

Again, you don’t want this to be you. So, how exactly can you make sure you have superb defense and you can get the best settlement possible?

Here are five tips to legally protect yourself after a serious slip and fall injury:

1. Avoid Signing Anything at the Scene

To shield themselves from any wrongdoing, a business owner or a homeowner may encourage the victim to sign a document. What would the document say? Essentially that they were not at fault and that the incident was completely accidental or caused by the injured party.

Simply put: it is best to avoid signing anything at the scene of the incident. You are still returning to your faculties, you are in pain, and you are still stunned by what just happened.

2. Don’t Say It Was Your Fault

A common mistake that people make, particularly Canadians, is that they will admit guilt even if they are not at fault. We are just too nice, but this can hurt us in the end.

Like the previous point, it is imperative to avoid uttering anything significant after your slip and fall. Aside from exchanging information, speaking to witnesses, and requesting assistance, you must refrain from stating anything else.

3. Witnesses? Get Their Names

In any court case, it is crucial to have witnesses. They will have likely seen everything in real-time, and this can bolster your claim.

Were there any witnesses when you hurt yourself? Get their names, telephone numbers, or email addresses. This should be saved for future reference.

4. Record Everything at Every Stage

From the moment you were wounded to the time the case goes to trial (if it does go that far), you must document every single thing. This could entail your appointments with a doctor, your sessions with a nursing clinic, meetings with your employer, paying out of pocket for your medicine, and even sitdowns with your bank to talk about personal finances.

Indeed, this will extend the court an insight into your life ever since you suffered a slip and fall injury. By doing this, you give the justice system a first-hand account of what it has been like being you for the last little while.

5. Seek Medical Treatment, File a Claim & Hire a Lawyer

Finally, and this is perhaps a critical aspect of your slip and fall injury, there are three things you must do almost immediately:

  • Seek out medical treatment the day of the incident and meet with your physician within a week for an examination.
  • File a police report or a legal claim
  • Hire an attorney that specializes in slip and fall cases.

Hiring a slip and fall lawyer will enhance your chances of reaching a proper settlement, which will ensure that you are well taken care of during these tough times.

Slip and fall occurrences are far more likely to happen in the middle of winter than at any other time. The ice, the snow, the slush. It is chaos out there. Property owners are required by law to ensure their entrances and grounds are correctly cleared of these harmful natural elements.

In the event that you suffer the consequences of their actions, you need to have a legal shield.


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