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5 Shopping Guidelines For An Electric Bike


It is entirely understandable that you may want to immediately jump into purchasing an electric bike when you begin to hear about all of the great benefits that come along with one. They are wonderful machines, but as with all wonderful ideas, there are quite a few things to consider before you move into a purchasing decision.

There are many things to consider, but what are some of the more important things to keep in mind before making your choice? In the below guide, you will find five things that you should consider before buying an electric bike.

1. Environment

Just like with standard bikes, there is an electric bike for everyone, no matter their specific needs or conditions. Therefore, it essentially comes down to your personal preference and the location of your surroundings to decide exactly what kind of electric bike it is that you want.

Do you believe that you will be dealing with conditions such as relaxed cruising, trail riding, mountain biking, downhill, child transportation, or even road biking? If so, then you need to think long and hard about which specific activities you will be spending most of your time on. Then you should do a bit of research into which bike will be best suited to you.

2. Know Your Type

There are two main types of electric bikes: “Pedelec” and “Twist-n-Go.” The type that you choose will typically come down to your preference and your surroundings. With a pedelec, the system monitors the rider’s pedaling and automatically adds a certain amount of motor assistance.

Whereas a Twist-n-Go is where a switch is used by the rider to trigger the assistance from the motor. You may want to try both out before you make a decision, and maybe talk to your seller for their opinion.

3. Consider the Motor Mount

Just like with the bike types, there are two main types of motor mounts. They are either hub motor assist, where it is mounted in one of the wheels, or a crank motor assist, where it can be found at the bottom of the frame.

There are a few differences in the two, mainly how crank assisted bikes fare better on steep hills, or how hub motors are quieter, but do not tend to perform quite as well. Ultimately, your preference and needs will be the major decider here. If a simple bicycle doesn’t give you enough adrenaline, definitely consider buying a motorcycle instead.

4. Battery

As you can imagine, the battery in an electric bike might be a pretty big factor in your choice of bike. You will want one with a good, strong battery life. The charging time will also need to be taken into consideration. You should also think about the life of the battery.

For instance, Lithium-ion batteries are typically good for about 800 charges. That would be an estimated three years of usage. Of course, there are many variables that can leave the battery lasting for quite a bit longer than that.

5. Cost

Again, this will be decided by your personal preferences and needs. Electric bikes aren’t exactly cheap, but the higher the price, the more usage you will typically get out of the bike.

If you need a cheap, quick electric bike, then you can certainly get one that lasts for a shorter amount of time. However, it is probably more cost effective to save up for a higher quality bike that will definitely get you the most bang for your buck. Getting the most for your money is always an important factor in an investment such as this.


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