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7 Types of Relaxing Bedroom Paint Colour Ideas


Believe it or not, science has proven that certain colours can relax you. In fact, colours can have a direct impact on you psychologically, emotionally and physically. If you are looking for relaxing bedroom ideas, then painting is the best way to start.

If you’re thinking of changing your bedroom paint colour, consider using one that will help keep you calm and relaxed for sleeping purposes. What better colours to paint your bedroom that the ones that will soothe you?

Since the bedroom is a place to wind down and relax before you go to sleep, you can manipulate paint colours for your own personal benefit. In a way, painting your bedroom can be used as a stress management tool. Below is a list of the most relaxing colours that can help you live a more laid back and stress free life.

Idea 1: Green

All relaxing bedroom ideas start with the colour green. Green paint is definitely one of the best paint colour ideas for bedrooms. The reason why green is so restful and calming is because it reminds us of nature. Research has shown that green diffuses anxiety and helps us feel more calm yet refreshed.

Within the green family, pale yellow greens and beige greens are the most soothing. Green has been shown to also increase productivity. If your bedroom is multipurpose, for example if you have a desk or a futon in the same room, green is an ideal colour since it is lively yet relaxing.

Idea 2: Blue

One of the most calming, peaceful and soothing colours is blue. Plus, science has proven that blue has an immense power to manage stress. Further, blue can calm your mind, slow your heart rate down, reduce your blood pressure and minimize anxiety.

Virtually, any colour of blue will have the gentle and relaxing effects that you desire for your bedroom. However, the shade and hue makes a difference too. For the best results, look for a shade that is soft and neutral as opposed to bold, icy or bright.

Idea 3: White

Many associate the colour white with cleanliness, freshness and clarity. Having a neat and clean appearing space helps people navigate their thoughts to achieve clarity. Although, there is a drawback to white, it can look dirty on walls if it gets scoffed up which would deter from calmness.

White is still a great colour idea for bedrooms and can be complemented with decor quite easily. When picking a type of white, be sure that you pick one that is clean and bright but isn’t so striking that it reminds you of a clinical hospital. You could also get white shades with a hint of another colour such as beige or pale green.

Idea 4: Pink

When you first think of the colour pink, you may think of something bold and bright like hot pink, how could that possibly be calming?! However, less commonly seen hues and shades of pink are quite calming. Pink has shown to promote tranquility and peace in people through research.

Even though pink for bedrooms is often considered to be for baby girls, don’t eliminate it until you’ve really considered it! Pale or warm pink colours can look amazing in any room while keeping you calm and soothed.

Idea 5: Violet

The colour violet is sort of a cousin of blue since it merely has a bit of red added to it. Violet represents strength, peace and wisdom all of which helps keep our minds at ease and balanced.

Studies have shown that the power of meditation can be much more powerful when performed in violet light. Why not use the power of violet in your bedroom to subconsciously meditate? Since violet is such a bold colour, it can be a big commitment to paint your whole room in one go, try using violet decor first to see how you like it.

Idea 6: Yellow

When you think of calm and relaxed, yellow is definitely not the first colour that comes to mind. The thing is, it isn’t really associated with soothing emotions solely, it also promotes liveliness, activeness and energetic feelings.

Considering the emotions related to yellow, it can still be optimal for a bedroom space if you like a jump start in the morning. It is also possible to pick warm shades of yellow, these can be surprisingly relaxing and calming before bed while still promoting an active mind.

Idea 7: Grey

Despite the fact that many consider grey to be dull and boring, it actually is a cooling and relaxing colour to be around. To avoid making an atmosphere in your bedroom that is too depressing by using grey, use bright accent colours to liven up the space.

In addition, you can also look for shades of grey that incorporate hues of other colours. Look for blue or white hues in grey colours to dial back the blandness of grey.


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