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7 Different Types of Italian Sausages


If you love eating tasty and flavourful foods, you may want to try some Italian sausages. These sausages are delicious and can add a bit of spice to your culinary palette. There are many types of Italian sausages available, which have a mild or medium range of spices. Fortunately, you can choose the level of spiciness in your sausages depending on your preferences.
Below are the best types of Italian sausages that you might enjoy eating:

1. Salamella Sausages

Enjoying a sausage that’s milder in flavour could be high on your to-do list. Salamella should be at the top of your agenda to try if this sounds like what your taste buds will like.

Another name for this sausage is Neapolitan sausage, and it’s only lightly smoked. Some of the main ingredients you’ll find in this variety include garlic, pork, red pepper, salt and a few others.

There’s only a bit of light smoking done to this brand, and this is just enough to eliminate any chances of moulding occurring in it. You’re likely to love a mild and tasty sausage of this variety any time of the day for either lunch or dinner.

2. Mortadella Sausages

If you’re in the market for one of the larger Italian sausages, you may want to give the Mortadella variety a try. Doing so could turn an ordinary day into an amazing one fast.

Some of the spices you’ll find in this variety will include different peppers and even black pepper. Mortadella is made of a mainly ground sausage that allows it to have the amazing flavour it does.

Other items in this food include myrtle berries, olives and various ingredients that provide a unique and tasteful flavour to the sausage.

3. Soppressata Sausages

If you love salami, you may wish to add Soppressata to your plate. This is a dry type of salami that is full of flavour and may keep your taste buds singing for a very long time.

The type of meat that’s used to make this Italian sausage is usually pork, but beef can be substituted if you prefer this type of meat. Many other ingredients in this food will help it to be as mild or flavourful as you may like.

4. Nduja Sausages

Some people just can’t get enough spices on their plate, and if this sounds like you, it could be a good idea to give Nduja a try. This sausage is made with various parts of the pig and is sure to be a winner at any dinner you may be cooking.

There are many dishes you can cook to go with this main meal, but it’s not uncommon for many people to add bread as a side dish. Preparing a loaf of homecooked bread could help you get the compliments you deserve when serving this meal.

5. Salami Sausages

Salami sausages are one of the classic foods in Italian cuisine, and you can find these types of sausages used in many restaurants. Regardless if you love to have salami on a sandwich or as your main meal, you’ll want to enjoy it. Salami can offer your taste buds a fantastic treat that may surprise you.

One thing you’ll want to remember is that salami is a cured sausage that can be tasty with most any other food or combination of items. Of course, many people genuinely enjoy salami on bread with cheese or other sandwich fixings for a tasty lunch.

6. Biroldo Sausages

If you’re looking for a larger type of Italian sausage, you’ll want to consider giving Biroldo a try. It typically comes in four-inch servings and is made from various parts of the pig.

It’s brownish in colour and is usually cooked for several hours. Most people will also allow it to simmer several hours and it may be preserved for many months.

This type of sausage does have a sweet taste that you may genuinely enjoy if you’re an avid sausage lover.

7. Cotechino Sausages

You’re likely to love cotechino if you want a sausage that takes a while to cook. The longer this meat may simmer, the better flavour you may get from these types of sausages.

There are usually many spices added to this pork, and if preparing it yourself, you can decide the best ones to suit your needs. Choosing a milder version may be precisely what you need for your dinner tonight.

Adding the right foods to your day is entirely possible but may require you to step outside of the box from time-to-time. If you’re looking for a spicier choice, it’s ideal for adding Italian sausage to your plate. Your taste buds may thank you for it, and you’ll get more enjoyment out of your food. Don’t let every day be an ordinary one when you can choose spicy options that you will ultimately enjoy more!